May 8, 2023

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  • I have almost 70 things on this weeks to-do list. I didn't write down the things that I normally do each day like the laundry and treadmill. This list is just things that need to happen before our trip, things that need to happen for school, and things that need to happen to straighten this house (mainly my school room). 
  • I will say that I believe that today was a successfull day list wise. I was able to mark off about 23 of those things. Of course, I picked the easy and fun things to do today. I sure did save the harder things for last which is what I always tell the kids not to do.
  • Speaking of kids, I believe that Graham was the first one awake this morning. Later in the morning, I went in search of Bentley's good leash. I even went in the girls' room to look. When I opened the door, Reagan was standing in the middle of the room brushing her hair. I asked what I thought was an obvious questions-when do you leave? If she was already out of bed and brushing her hair then she must leave soon. Now, she didn't leave until mid afternoon, so I am really not sure why she was awake.
  • Whitman was next and soon I was working on summer school with everyone. This was the first day of their summer school work which is actually work from their next grade so I had to explain everything. 
  • Some how, the big 3 have gotten off easily. I am waiting on 3 books to come in for each of them which I had planned on them doing this summer. Plus Graham and Reagan don't really have anything since the finance class that I had intended for them to do online has gone up in cost (not a ton, but just enough to make me mad.)
  • Reagan went to Kennedy's today to celebrate her birthday. Anderson went to Raymar to work this afternoon and evening so while they were gone, I went with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to Defy.
  • We also ran to Mardels so Keaton could get her name on her Bible, along with Sams and Trader Joes. We really had perfect luck everywhere we went shopping today which was super nice. 
  • When we came home, Robby cooked 3 pounds of sausage and 3 dozen eggs. Then Campbell, Keaton and Whitman helped me scoop all of the ingredients into breakfast burrito pouches for the big boys (they are mainly the ones who eat the breakfast burritos).
  • Then we used the griddle to grill us some sandwiches. It was basically just grilled sandwiches, but since we had Hawaiin bread it was like a delicacy. 
  • Anderson came in first from Raymar. Reagan made it home around 10 from her friend's birthday party. When all of the chicks were back in the nest, we started to watch a tv show for a little bit.

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