May 26, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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I didn't hear Robby get up this morning, so he woke me up when he was heading to the front to start driving. I could have stayed in the back and rested more, but I was soon up front. The boys were still pretty out of it so I had to climb over both of them with my hands full of drinks and snacks on my way to the front of the camper.

We didn't stop at all on the way home. The only excitement was when the tv fell-it didn't fall all the way on Anderson this time; he was able to catch it. It is just pretty bouncy-we should probably check it every so often. There aws some more excitement when Graham's xbox did fall on Anderson's legs a bit later in the morning. That was behind a cabinet so I'm not really sure how it happened. Thankfully it was fine, and the next time we put it up there, we will put some of the sticky cabinet liner underneath it.

When we were on Lawson, Graham woke up Keaton and Campbell and told them that we were going to Fayetteville instead of home. That was probably a mean little trick. And Whitman and Reagan looked like they had just woken up when I first saw them this morning-after I had already take two loads of stuff into the house.

Robby had to do some real work when we did get home, but the kids helped take a few extra loads out of the camper. It took a good while, but soon the camper was emptied, and I moved on to inside the house. We still had soccer things to put away from the day that we left. 

I never got around to cleaning the camper, but I do have 5 or 6 laundry baskets full of things to take back to the camper-clean sheets, towels, sleeping bags, plus things to restock. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning and restocking everything. I also didn't get around to giving Bentley a bath-I remember the day when the kids would fight about who would get to give her a bath. I did give her a good trim and brush though.

I did end up taking a little nap this afternoon. When I finished the second round of work for me, Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I went to On the Border for supper. Then we ran to Sams to pcik up a few things before stopping at Grannymom's house for a bit.

Once at home, the boys had their supper. Anderson was on the couch watching a Marvel movie so I ended up watching the end of it with him as I folded up my kroger bags into little triangles. 

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