May 7, 2023

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  • I woke up aroun 5 this morning, and it took me a while to go back to sleep. Thankfully, I finally did. My body was still tired from yesterday, but I went to work on the laundry since there were uniforms and ref shirts to pack in the car to take to Raymar this afternoon.
  • I had my shower, and then started on the second batch of laundry, and my second round on making sure that the kids were all awake.
  • We hurried on to Sunday school this morning so Keaton would be able to say all of the verses that she has memorized throughout the year and earn a gift card. 
  • Whitman spent the night with his friend and showed up soon. He was also able to say all of the verses and earned himself a gift card as well. (Though Whitman earned a Dairy Queen gift card last year for saying his verses, and we haven't even taken him there yet. We certainly need to get around to that soon.)
  • During big church, Reagan sat in the Venue with her buddies while Campbell kept kids in worship care. Robby, Keaton, and Graham ran home during the sermon to let Bentley out and then to pick up some lunch for us.
  • I then drove everyone else to Raymar. We had to get there pretty early since Anderson needed to be there to start setting things up. We all had our lunch, and then it was soon time for today's soccer games. 
  • First up was Whitman's game-this was the game that I enjoyed watching because it was a little bit less stressfull. Whit's team won the game 4-1. The one goal that the other team made was when Whitman was goalie-it was a penalty kick and there was really nothing that he could do to stop it.
  • On the other field, at the same time was Keaton's team. Her team also won-I believe her score was also 4-1. Keaton scored 2 of those goals. It was during these two games that Pops mentioned that all of the other coaches on both fields were doing a lot of yelling and screaming while Robby was coaching Keaton's team, he was doing little yelling and screaming. I said that this wasn't Robby's first rodeo-he has been doing this for a long while, and really, he knows what is going to matter tomorrow-and how well a 3rd grade girl kicks a soccer ball is not going to matter at all the next day or even the day.
  • The next game was Campbell's game-bless Campbell. She tries her hardest-when she throws that ball in bounds, she hurls is across the field. A few times she practically threw the ball into the goal. The one score of the game was whehn she thew the ball towards the goal, and their goalie bumed the ball into the net.
  • Campbell didn't really care much about staying until the end of the soccer game-she was out the last two periods-because she was much more interested in getting to a camp planning party. The party had started at 2, and she didn't get there until 3:30, but she did have another hour there.
  • Then her party moved on to her Sunday school teacher's house. They had a party for all of the girls. Campbell had a great time, and when we came to pick her up, we ended up staying for a while chatting.
  • After I dropped Campbel off, I hurried home and started unloading things from the car. Whitman was with me and helped unload. Then I went to work putting things up-I worked for about 20 minutes when Whitman came downstairs sweaty, red and frustrated. That child had been trying for 20 minutes to get his jersey off of himself. I reminded him that he should have said something earlier since I was easily able to help.
  • Robby and the others came in after Anderson cleaned up from the games, which gave us enough time to have showers before heading out again. Anderson went to Rock Creek tonight, while Graham chose to go with the rest of us to church for the 5th grade Bible presentation.
  • Keaton received her Bible and was pretty proud of it. She has already requested that we put her name on it this week. After church, we had to pick up Campbell so we went out to eat at Panda Express. We had enough leftovers that we were able to bring some home to Anderson.
  • Right now, Robby is about to walk on the treadmill, but we just have one more castle to watch.

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