May 2, 2023

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  • I didn't feel too great last night so I slept in just a bit and let the others sleep in a little as well. Even with all of that, Graham and Anderson went to school earlier than usual so Anderson could work on a project. Reagan also headed to school earlier than usual because she stopped at ChickFilA for coffee. 
  • It was a good thing that both of them did leave early since their classes started early today. I (and they) had receieved an email about that, but it was last week so we had all forgotten about it. They still made it in plenty of time. 
  • The reason their classes started early was to give time for an afternoon assembly. My big 3 opted to skip it which was certainly fine. However, Reagan did get her name called for having a 4.0 while taking college classes.
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly probably because of my 2 hour nap. The plan had been to go and get Reagan's ears fixed from her botched 3 hole job, however, they didn't have an ear piercing person there today. Ugh, we were both a little bit frustrated by that. Thankfully, I had called ahead before we left the house.
  • Soon we were all loading up for tonight's soccer games. Reagan worked with Joel's taking pictures. Anderson was able to hobble around and work tonight, but not able to ref his game. Graham reffed two different games.
  • Keaton's team played first and they did great. I think the score was 6 to 1. Keaton scored over half of the goals. Then Keaton played up on Campbell's team. Campbell's team lost tonight, but my Campbell is all over that field. She is my favorite to watch. 
  • Whitman's team tied their ball game tonight. Robby had to coach his team since his coaches were out. It was pretty wild really-during the first game Robby had to go and take pictures with his second time. Then after the first game he had to take pictures with the first team causing him to be late to coach Whit's team. It felt like a crazy evening, but it was over quickly though!
  • We all were able to have some ChickFilA for supper tonight, so that made the evening easy. Now the kids are taking their showers, and I'm going to try to be better about pictures the next week or so. I have kind of gotten a bit lazy on the picture taking for sure.

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