May 27, 2023

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  • Robby crashed about 9:30 last night. When he went to bed, he told me that he would get up in a little bit. However, after the kids had walked through our bedroom multiple times getting things before bed, and after I had come through the bedroom with laundry and then had to drag Bentley out to go potty, Robby still never stirred.
  • After I had my shower and read for a good long while, he still never stirred. When I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he didn't stir-yes, I checked to make sure he was breathing. When I woke up this morning, Robby still was sleeping soundly. I guess he was pretty exhausted from the last few days of driving.
  • The big activity today was cleaning and reloading the camper. I used the shop vac for a good long time, and then started on spraying down everything. Then I moved all of those laundry baskets full of camper stuff into the camper and put things away.
  • I did run to the library during the baseball game today. I think that I may have gotten a few too many books-I might be a little bit obsessed. I guess I could have a worse addiction. I certainly could have a more costly addiction.
  • This afternoon I played Monopoly with all of the kids except for Reagan. I have some kids that are great game players, but others that are not such good game players. Actually, there is just one that is not a good game player-I think that it might be too late to work on that. I'm not too sure how to teach good game playing skills to someone, but maybe I am going to have to figure that out.
  • This evening Robby worked for a good long time changing out our thermostats. While he did that, the rest of us had supper. It was pretty much a flop-the mashed potatoes were too thick so I added too much milk. The meatballs were still not great-Robby thought that they were decent, but they aren't as good as Ikea meatballs.
  • We have all had ice cream, and most people have had showers. Robby and I are watching the Rookie, but I have about 80 pages of my book to read tonight.

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