May 24, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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We went to sleep with the drain pitter pattering on the roof-of course, we couldn't really hear it because the air conditioners were running, but I knew it was raining, and that made my heart happy. Thankfully, most everything was already dry today when we did put it up, but I am getting a head of myself.

We had a fairly slow morning. Robby and I walked around a few of the other loops. Our loop is right by the beach, but the others are way far away-we walked a good little bit. Then we headed to the beach-Campbell and Keaton rode back just as we were heading that way, but Anderson, Reagan and Whitman joined us.

Whitman did NOT want to get sandy this morning and almost refused to walk on the beach. We kind of made him, and he did have a great time. There was so much foam that would come when the waves would crash on the shore, and Whitman enjoyed kicking that foam at Anderson. 

It was a pretty perfect beach morning-just there about 20 minutes, and then we walked back. We heated up some lunches, and then headed back to the historic district of St. Augustine. Whitman redeemed his 4th grade National Parks pass-this is my first year in a while that I will not have a 4th grader, and his pass just lasts until August so we may have to end up buying one.

Whitman was so happy about getting that card though-he held it the whole time that we toured the fort. We were here in October of 2015, but I am not so sure that the kids remember too much of it. After we walked all the way around the fort, Whitman turned in his Jr. Ranger book and received his badge.

We were right by some food options so we did that. Reagan and Whitman got popsicles from a fancy popsicle place. Robby and I tried one as well. Then Keaton bought some fudge. Next Robby and I tried some empanadas. And finally Anderson, Graham, and Campbell bought a milkshake for their treat. Robby and I also split a milkshake from there-when you are the one paying for all of the treats, you can buy a treat from where ever you want so we chose all of the places.

Then we hurried across town to Fort Mantanzas. There last boat was going out at 3:30, and Robby ran up to see about tickets. They said that they were out, but seconds later, we heard that they had 5 seats left on the boat. Robby said he would take Whitman and Anderson said that he would go as well. Reagan and Graham were in the bathroom (He can't have dairy without bathroom stops, and some times she can't eat anything without bathroom stops.) Campbell and Keaton didn't want to go either, and I'm not really sure why.

Keaton wasn't in an exploring mood, but Campbell and I went on the nature trail and tried to find the trail to the beach. We never did find the beach trail, so we just made our own. Robby left in such a hurry, that he didn't even think about handing me the car keys, but they were just gone about 50 minutes. Campbell and I had just sat down after all of our adventures when we noticed that they would be getting back in just a few minutes.

Anderson, Robby, and Whitman had a great time. Whitman enjoyed climbing up to the ladder to the top. Anderson said that he didn't remember the fort the last time we came there. I was so glad that they had the chance to ride the boat over to the fort.

Then we drove around for a little bit before coming back to the camper to put things up. Our goal is to pull out pretty early in the morning so just about everything is always put away to make things easier tomorrow.

The kids played on the playground, rode their bikes and watched the end of the Hogs game this afternoon. Robby and some of us ran to McDonalds to pick up some supper. The last time we were in McDonalds was in Orlando, and we waited about 30 minutes for our food. We were debating how long it would take tonight or if or order would be wrong, but as we drove up the man was walking to the car to tell us that he was out of caramel for Reagan's coffee drink. He gave us some other options and was patient as we called Reagan to ask. The order was prefect and out incredibly quick. That McDonalds should get a gold star. 

After we ate, Robby put the clothes in the dryer. He had started them before we ran to get supper. Then the girls headed to the beach. When the clothers were dry, the rest of us also went to the beach, but we had Graham as our driver. 

Robby didn't stay at the beach too long since he didn't have a jacket. I had actually even wrote on the kids' packing list that they did not need a jacket-now Graham, Reagan and I had still packed ours. (I am usually cold in the camper so I always have multiple jackets.) It was certainly a bit windier and chillier than I had expected tonight while we were walking on the beach.

Anderson and Graham brought a football so they played a good bit-except the wind was giving them a hard time. Campbell, the water child, could have stayed for another hour or so walking around in the water. Whitman was happy with his flashlight.

Soon we all ended up back in the car going back to the campsite. The girls all her showers in the bathhouse while I folded the laundry, Robby worked and the big boys watched baseball, and Whitman played a baseball game on his ipad. The next move is making beds for everyone.

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