May 13, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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Right now, Robby and I have been awake for almost 20 hours, but we are still going strong. He has his music on and coke right beside him. The kids are bedded down and we have about an hour left to go. We knew this would be a long day, but it has turned out to be a bit longer than we did expect.

My alarm went off this morning at 6:20. I did hit snooze once, but soon I was upstairs. I opened the girls door and Campbell and Keaton were both sitting in their beds. Then I went to hover over the boys. They need a bit more encouragement to get up in the mornings. When I did leave, they were moving.

I then went to work on the dishwasher when Whitman came downstairs and grabbed his uniform to go and change. I told him that he had a few more minutes to sleep before he had to get up and go to soccer. It wasn't that much longer, but it was almost another hour. He didn't care and was soon changed in his uniform and cuddled on the couch with his ipad

We left a few minutes later than Anderson would have-if he had not been waiting on me probably. Since the mini van was already hooked up, the suburban was left for him to drive. He hasn't driven it in so long that he opted to just have me drive. That was fine, so that is what we did.

Campbell and Keaton have loved going early with him to help set up, and Graham had an early game to ref so he got to go on the early bus too. Today was the last day of soccer (for us), and all of the kids' teams were playing to be in their championship games on Monday or Tuesday.

Reagan refed 3 games today which she doesn't like doing really. She never was our ref though. Graham refed 2 different games, and I think that he was the ref for both of the girls' games. Anderson was supposed to ref one game, but ended up switching with someone so he could work on taking things down during the last game. 

Keaton's game was the first of our games. Her team usually wins by at least 3 or more points, but today things were not clicking for them at all. Keaton finally did score the 2 scores of the game (well, one was after the final buzzer), but those 2 brought her total up to 20 points this season to which she was pretty proud of. Whitman played while Campbell was playing, His team won by 2 points, I think. Whitman was goalie a good bit, and I don't think that he gets stressed being goalie, but I sure do. Campbell refed two games early this morning, and then she had a bit of a break to watch Keaton's team before it was her team's turn to play. They did win their game 1-0 in the very last period which was pretty exciting.

When the games were over, Robby took everyone but Andeson and hurried home. When they made it home was the time that we were just leaving Raymar. That was fine though-we knew we weren't going to make our 3:00 goal to leave. We did leave about 3:45 so that was good-everyone did have showers before we left, and so far I can't think of anything that we did forget-I know that there will be something.

We moved on very well. I even drove for a few minutes while Robby went to the bathroom. We were in Holly Springs when we made our first stop at a gas station. 

Our next stop was not planned. Robby's blasted tire monitor started going off. Sometimes it does that, and he just hits a few buttons, and things are fine. Nope, not tonight. Since our first flat, that tire pressure monitor thing is the stuff of my nightmares.

However, it did work and work well. He knew he had a flat. We drove for a bit, but then he pulled over. Thankfully, it was on the passenger side so we went to work. Robby's trip with Casey was so beneficial-they had a flat and Casey quickly changed it, so Robby made sure he had every single tool that he needed to do the same.

First, the crow bar was used to get the hubcap off. Next, the difficult task-getting the spare off. It lives under the camper so that meant that Robby had to crawl under (thats why we carry a yoga mat). He also had to use 2 packages of our leveling blocks for when the tire fell after he unscrewed it. 

Anderson was sound asleep during all of this, but Graham came out and helped. Campbell and Keaton were also there holding things and flashlights for us. After the spare was secured thanks to one fancy dancy drill, we had to use those leveling blocks again to jack up the camper. He has a jack, but since we were able to do it the easy way, we did. If it would have been the inside tire, we would have had to use the jack.

I am not sure if it was the same fancy dancy drill or another one since there was two out, but he took off the tire. Now, Robby did get to the last bolt (?) and it wouldn't budge. He had to put a few bolts back on, to even things out, and then it did come off, and we breathed a sigh of relieft. He then replaced the tire with the spare. Graham and Robby had to struggle to lift that tire into place. Next up was the torque wrench possibly and finally the rubber mallet to hammer the hubcap back on. Then we were on our way.

It took us about 45 minutes to do all of this. Now, all of the tools were originally stored neatly in the camper, but right now everything is just thrown into the minivan. We then had about an hour to get to Buccees. When we arrived there, Robby aired up the spare better which involves lots more tools, and thne he took off the mudflap. We are hoping/praying that is what caused the damage to the tire. It wasn't a nail or anything, the tire had marks all over it and looked pretty beat up, so hopefully the mudflap was the problem.

At Buccees the kids went in to get some drinks. We debated sleeping right near there at Bass Pro, but Robby and I were still going strong so we decided to press on. Around 1, I did start making the beds for the kids. I think that everyone except for Whitman have already had naps in the car. He is not a car sleeper, but neither is Anderson, and he slept through the tire ordeal. 

Not only are the kids tired, but when we were inside of Buccees, we noticed all of our tan lines. I have a watch line, but it is nothing like Reagan's tan line from her tennis shoes, but Campbell's shin guard tan line was the most interesting.

We have about 45 more minutes to go, so I'll end the blog here, and help Robby navigate through Atlanta.  

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