May 14, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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I really can't remember where I left off in the blog last night. I believe that we had about 100 miles left or so until we got to our Walmart to park for the night. We went right there with no problems at all. There were 2 other campers so we parked in between those two but still right up next to the woods.

I immediately started hearing a cat meowing. It was incredibly loud. I was worried that it was going to super bother Robby, and I was even afraid that he was going to move the camper away from that cat. Once Robby turned on all of our noise makers, we couldn't hear that cat at all.

Now, before the noise makers were turned on, I also worried that it was going to bother Bentley. That dog was so tired that she just laid on the bed and listened to the cat.

We all slept well though I had thought that Robby would sleep a little bit longer than he did. I did probably groan when I saw that he was standing by the bed this morning wearing clothes-that meant that it was time to wake up. He urged me to stay in bed since he was just driving 30 minutes until he stopped for gas, but there is really no sleeping in this thing.

I changed my clothes and soon joined him in the front. We stopped at Buccees. Robby filled up with gas while I took Bentley to potty. Then we went inside where he bought himself a sausage biscuit, and I found a scone. The kids were all still sleeping-and really they slept until around 11ish. Whitman didn't stir until we arrived at the campground at 2.

We have the perfect spot (116), it is right near the boat. Now, we were completely set up when I did see that the spot right next to ours, which would also be perfect, was completely shaded where we aren't really that shaded. I mentioned that to Robby thinking that maybe we could ask to move, but he would hear none of that.

Our site is great and huge. The big boys helped Robby plug in and all while Keaton and Whitman went off to the playground. Reagan and Campbell walked Bentley, and soon they were all helping take off the bikes and put up the tent.

We worked on getting the camp all set up-the rugs, tent, lights, drink tent (yes, we have a tent just for our drinks), tables and everything else. It was super hot at this time, and we were about to wonder why we were here.

However, the clouds came out, and it became super nice in the shade. The kids rode their bikes, we took Bentley to the dog park, we explored some and even put out our pin board to trade some pins. Robby went to the bathhouse to take a shower.

Then when he returned, we went to town heating up supper. Tonight's supper was tortillini that I had already cooked at home and had in the fridge. It wasn't that hard to heat up and with a little extra sause it was great. We also had bread that we heated in the oven so our meal was delicious-a definite keeper meal.

We then headed to Epcot. The Skelleys were here for one more day, so we had plans to meet up with them tonight. We rode Soarin-this is when Robby realized that he was a little bit tired since during the 2 minutes show, he kind of closed his eyes for a bit. 

Then we rode Test Track in another short line. So far it looks like this might be a good week to be here because the crowds have seemed low. After Test Track, Robby sat down and reached for his phone-which wasn't there. He left it on Test Track, but thankfully, they had it back in his hands in about 10 minutes. That wasn't nearly as stressful to me as when he lost his wallet (it was just in the car) that last time we were here.

Then we did catch up with the Skelleys-Campbell was so happy to see Brooklyn. Those girls rode Test Track while I waited with Whitman because he rode Mission Space.  After the girls finished their ride, we all went to watch the fireworks. 

Afterwards, we walked around the loop-the park was closed, and everyone else was going the other way, but we really enjoyed walking through the countries with no crowds at all. It was so nice, and the weather was just pleasant-maybe even a little cool for me. When we reached the end of the loop, the Skelleys headed off to their hotel, and we went to the car.

We then decided to go and get some ice cream from McDonalds. Unfortunately, that McDonalds trip took a very long time-over 20 minutes, but it was worth it because it was a good treat to end the day. Back at the camper, Anderson went to take a shower while Campbell and Keaton went with Robby to look for ice. Reagan walked Bentley and I worked on making beds. 

I told Robby that it would be nearly 1 before we were able to go to sleep tonight, and it is getting close: 12:15 right now. The kids are in bed, prayers have been saie and now I just need my shower, but I bet that Robby will be asleep before I get out.

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