May 3, 2023

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  • I had the oddest dream last night-it was just a continuation of the book that I was reading escept that the good guy had become the bad guy in the book. It was super odd, but I thankfully I was able to go back to sleep and not continue with that dream after I got up to go to the bathroom.
  • I woke some of the kids up too early this morning and some of them too late. So basically I just couldn't win, but everyone did finish their school work for the day so I consider that a win.
  • I walked for 2 miles today outside and then for another two miles on the treadmill. After all of that, it was nice to set down at Defy for a little bit and rest. 
  • We were only able to get Whitman and Keaton to go with us so we did reward them (or maybe us) with a Sonic drink on the way home. 
  • Reagan was at work today and needed to stay as long as she could since they were super busy so we met her at Nonna's house. She parked there and jumped in our car as we headed to church. 
  • As a thank you, the children's department fed all of the Wednesday night workers and families food from Tacos for Life. It was all very good-last year was Tazikis, and I think that was my favorite though. However, last year the kids just got pizza so my kids liked this year's Tacos for Life better.
  • After church, we picked up the suburban and all headed home. There is some talk about ice cream, but I am too full for that plus I am not really sure if there is enough ice cream for all of my ice cream eaters. 

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