May 19, 2023-Disney or Bust

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We slept incredibly late for a Disney day, but actually we are having perfectly wonderful Disney days. Robby was able to get us Tron tickets which were called a little bit earlier than we were expecting. We had a little bit of the morning before we left for Magic Kingdom.

I am enjoying Tron a bit more each time. It does start off super fast and then gets a little bit faster. However, that lasts for about 2 seconds so if I can stay calm for those two seconds, then I can quickly start enjoying the rest of the ride (which is actually about 59 more seconds-it is super short.)

When we left Tron, Campbell and Keaton headed to Starbucks to spend a gift card. Then they rode the boat back to the camper, walked Bentley, and retrieved the laundry from the dryer. Now, they knew the rest of us were going to Gastons to get a cinnamon roll, but I think that idea of doing all of that alone is what appealed to them. 

The rest of us drank some water and ate our half of a cinnamon roll. Graham then headed back down Main Street to catch the boat back. He then drove the golf cart back to our spot. It takes us less than 2 minutes to walk from the boat dock to our campsite, while it takes about 5 minutes to drive the golf cart, but I guess you can imagine the appeal of a golf cart to a teenage boy.

That left Anderson, Whitman, Robby, Reagan and I. We rode one section of the train. Whitman didn't act like he remembered riding the train, nor did he really care anything about it, but we still made him ride with us. Then we caught the boat back to the camper.

I folded laundry while Robby carted the girls around on the golf cart. There was lots of hiding things plus quite a bit of finding items. We have to limit everything that they find-though some things, Keaton has decided that they are going to bring back to hide in July. Bentley went to the dog park with different kids a few times.

Robby made quesadillas for supper tonight. He had just about decided that he was not going to do any blackstone cooking outside because it is just too hot. However, it got a bit cloudy this evening, and the weather turned pretty nice. We had cheese, bean and chicken quesadillas and tacos-it was a pretty perfect meal.

Afterwards, Robby and I took a walk. We ended up not really getting lost, but walking about a mile longer than we had expected. We actually called the kids to come and get us on the golf cart. Once we made it back, we loaded up with Keaton, Whitman and Campbell for the campfire.

We went to the Chip and Dale Campfire Singalong. We made s'mores-I think they all had at least 2. Then we moved on to the swimming pool. They swam for quite a while. Now, we did get a phone call from the boys-they wanted to know where the golf cart was. Actually, more specifically they wanted to know where the s'mores supplies were. I didn't noticed that any marshmallows or graham crackers were gone, but there was certainly a reduction in the amount of hershey candy bars that were in my bag.

Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman swam for a long time. There was lightening all around us, but the lifegaurds never blew the whistle. It was lightening enough that Reagan put all of the bikes under the tent so they wouldn't get wet. As of right now, it hasn't rained-the rain that we had yesterday while we were at Magic Kingdom has been our only rain thankfully.

It is almost 10-probably one of our earliest nights for everyone to already be in their beds. We laughed that we aren't really doing a ton of park time, but we are still so exhausted. We are busy all day long, and it really is pretty perfect. 

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