May 28, 2023

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  • The morning saga around here were the groceries. Robby had scheduled a delivery between 8-9 this morning. He saw that the delivery was on its way so he showered and got ready for church.
  • At 9, the order had not yet arrived. Robby called the help center and spoke to the kind and unhelpful people on the other side of the world. At 9:45, when it was time for us to leave for church, he just called and cancelled the order. We weren't expecting the groceries to come, but we still left an ice chest in the middle of the garage just in case.
  • We think that Robby did successfully cancel the order; however, it had already been picked up from the store. Our order was not anything exciting that anyone would want to steal so who knows where our order has ended up.
  • Chuch was at Raymar today so we set our tents up so we could have shade. Thankfully, the weather was kind of mild so it wasn't too warm out there. The songs were short and the sermon was-well, I am not too sure. It is really hard to pay attention outside with 500 other people around you. 
  • After church, there were hamburgers or hot dogs. I devoured my hamburger. I am not sure what I I thougth that it was so good, but it really was. Maybe I had just the right amount of condiments and tomatoes. Maybe I haven't had a hamburger in a while. Whatever the reason, I scarfed it down-along with my whole bag of chips and cookies. I probably should walk an extra mile or two tomorrow!
  • Anderson was watching car racing in Monaco this morning, and when we came home from church he watched some of the Indy 500. It was on as I took a short afternoon nap. My nap was short because I was paying too much attention to the silly race.
  • Robby and I took Campbell to a swim/spend the night party this afternoon. Then we had to stop at the store to buy the few things that never showed up earlier in the day. We ended up buying a wide assortment of crafty items-tapes, magnets, felt-you would have thought that we had some big crafty project coming up. Nothing that exciting-I've been out of tape since Christmas, Robby needed magnets for the camper lights and Keaton is making a Disney pin book and needed felt.
  • Back at home, Whitman started on making his chocolate cake from his cookbook. It ended up being pretty dry-I'm not too sure why. We followed the recipe plus I didn't baked it 5 minutes shorter than I should have. The icing was super sweet and pretty decent though.
  • Keaton helped me make the enchiladas for supper. I made two pans even though the big boys ate at Rock Creek and Reagan was at a friend's house and ate there. Thankfully, the Wilson's were able to help us eat most of one pan.
  • Tomorrow is a holiday for Robby so he won't have work, but I am going to try to mark quite a few  of the things off of my list-I have about 2 weeks this summer where I don't have anything and the kids do not either and tomorrow is the start of one of those two weeks.

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