May 15, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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Robby and Anderson left before 8 this morning to meet the golf cart man. They had to deliver two golf carts-one for us and one for someone else. When Anderson returned with one golf cart, he woke me up and come and retrieve the second one with him.

We went and did that, and afterwards I sat outside reading some while eating yogurt and granola (we bought some granola from Sams, and it is delicious. Reagan and I have been fighting each other to eat it.) Soon some of the kids started slowly trickling out of the camper. 

Robby ran to the tire shop. Of course they told him a time, so he decided to just come back, but by the time he made it back, they had already finished with the tire. That was fine though because he can get it another day. They did think that possibly it wasn't the mud flap, but that the wheel locked up and was drug. That really isn't what we wanted to hear-hopefully, it was a fluke and won't ever happen again. 

Soon it was noonish so we started making lunches before heading to Magic Kingdom. As we were headed into security, Robby realized that he had some pliers in his pocket from earlier in the day. (I'm not sure what he was doing with the pliers). I shoved them in my bag and hoped to make it through the security line. I did, but Graham did not. I'm really not sure what set the security off for him.

In Magic Kingdom, we had tickets for Tron. The line was outside and hot! Eventually, we did get into a shaded area, and it was much better. Tron was a good ride-but it was super short. When it was over, some of the kids rode the Speedway cars while the rest of us set in the shade and had some water.

Then it was back to the campground. I don't know why Robby and I love this campground so much. Yesterday, Campbell jokingly said that it was "good to be home" referring to Disney World, and I'd agree. I think one reason we enjoy this is because it is like camping but there is also so many things that we can do. It is kind of the best of both worlds-busy and relaxing.

Back at the campground, Reagan, Campbell and Whitman went to the pool. Graham played on the xbox. Keaton ran around with Robby-taking people to the pool, putting the laundry in and out of the washer and dryer, and getting drinks. I'm not really sure what Anderson did because I had myself a good little nap. 

Soon though, we were starting on supper-Robby grilled burgers and hot dogs. We ate, and then headed to Hollywood Studios. It was probably 8 when we went through security. And gracious, I had not remembered to take those pliers out of my bag. Well, they caught them this time. I was quick to throw Robby under the bus, and say that my husband had them in his pocket. He had to call over a supervisor, but they did eventually let me in. I did probably say about 12 times, that they could keep them if they wanted, but they didn't, and yes, the first thing I did when we got back in the car was to take those pliers out of my bag.

In Hollywood, the wait times were really short, so we went to Tower of Terror first. Robby and Campbell passed on that one, and opted for popcorn instead. Then we rode Mickey and Minnie's Railway followed by Buzz. Then we were able to fit in Rise of the Resisitance before the park closed at 10. The lines were all super short, and we were pleased with everything we finished in just 2 hours.

Back at the campground, I took a few people to get drinks, but soon after we were all in the camper eating cookies and getting ready for bed. 

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