May 6, 2023

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  • Soccer morning, and I am super thankful that there is only one more early morning. Anderson, Campbell and Keaton were leaving on the first bus. I didn't have to go early wtih them, but I still had to wake up to make sure that they were awake. So while I waited on them to climb out of bed (actually, the girls were up and getting ready already so I was just mainly overseeing that Anderson woke up) I worked on on the laundry and dishes.
  • The next bus left one hour after Anderson left. We started off with Bentley with us, but Robby decided that when he went to pick up the ChickFIlA for lunch he would take her home since it was so wet and then became so hot. She isn't a getting hot kind of dog-such a diva.
  • Keaton and Whitman's games were wins today. Keaton scored 4 or so goals. Now Campbell's team just struggles so they didn't have a win, but they did come back and even out the score a little bit but not enough.
  • Whitman went home with Owen to spend the night. Robby, Reagan and I ran to Hobby Lobby and Kroger. Well, Robby dropped us off at Hobbly Lobby while he went to Kroger. Then we came home for a minute.
  • Robby and I showered and then headed off to church to help with the Senior dinner. They asked the Junior parents to help tonight so that is what we did. It was kind of fun seeing a few people that we don't usually get to see.
  • We just rolled back home, and I already have another load of laundry to fold before bedtime tonight. 

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