May 5, 2023

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  • I slept a little bit later than usual, but I had great plans and multiple list to start the day with. The house was a bit in a disorder after the events last night.
  • Just as I had finished the blog, Cambpell let us know that the potty downstairs was clogged. When that potty is clogged sometimes, well really just once, it also backs up in the shower next to it.
  • Unfortunately, it did that last night. Though I guess we can be thankful that it wasn't potty water. Instead it was everything that I had put down the garbage disposal in the sink earlier in the day. Yep, we had a problem.
  • Robby plunged and prayed, and then headed to Dollar General which was, of course, closed. Then he headed on to Kroger to buy one of every single drain cleaning option. When he came home, he continued to plunge and pray while I paced and prayed.
  • Just a reminder the pipes on that side of the house are nearing 50 years old with who knows what for a septic tank. The day will come, and probably soon, that we will have to have some major work done. However, we have a few Disney trips scheduled right now and no rainy day pipe fund.
  • Eventually, Robby was able to work his drain magic. He then cleaned things up, and poured the ramaining bottles down the drain to let them soak over night. Now this meant that the kids couldn't shower or potty on that side of the house. That caused lots of coming and goings last night to our side of the house, but I do believe that everyone still slept well last night.
  • I know that the girls did because at noon I asked them if they wanted to go with Robby, Whitman and I to run some errands. They agreed and soon we were on our way.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I did some Walmarting, while Whitman got his hair cut with Robby. Then it was on to Sams to pick up things for the trip.
  • The next stop was Kroger followed by a 40 minute wait for the boys' burgers and Whataburger. While we were waiting in that line, Campbell and I walked on over to the new Taco Bell to pick up Campbell's lunch. 
  • We hurried home, and were there for about 10 minutes before we left Keaton and the groceries at home, Reagan was headed home from work, and her and Keaton didn't want to go to the movie.
  • The rest of us went to see Gaurdians on the Galaxy 3-the big boys said that it was "good" and Whitman rated it at an 8. I did get a good nap so my rating wouldn't be as high at all-I probably could have gotten a few things marked off that list if I would have stayed at home, but there is always tomorrow (kidding, we have things all day tomorrow and Sunday, but there is always next week)

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