May 9, 2023

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  • I slept a little later than I planned today-actually, It hink taht I said that yesterday on the blog too, but today, I really did sleep later today. I wasn't the only one who did sleep later-all of the kids were up pretty late as well.
  • I worked quite a bit in the school room-after today the only thing left in there to do is finish Whitman's desk area. We worked for 15 minutes today and have at least that long tomorrow. Plus there is a pile of stuff in the middle of the room that I have to figure out how to get rid of.
  • I did have time to walk Bentley and also to walk on the treadmill today, but I didn't have time to read any of my book. I have about 100 pages which I might be able to read this evening-or maybe not.
  • I went with Robby to pick up some groceries from Kroger. We also stopped at Costco, and of course there was a Kroger delivery this morning. And we do still have to go to Sams-we like to shop at almost all of our local grocery stores every day. We are actually doing some major stocking up trying to prepare for our trip.
  • This afternoon Graham drove most of us to Nonna's house to drop off her early Mother's Day present. We were there long enough to have some cookies and visit for a while.
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly and after our supper of tostados, we all headed to Grannymom's house in two seperate cars. Our first stop was to fill up gas in those two cars.
  • Then we celebrated Grandpa's 91st birthday and also had a little gift for Grannymom for an early birthday present. The cake was lemon, and it was pretty delicious. 
  • I went with Reagan, Campbell, and Keaton to Target after we left Grannymom's house. Anderson also decided to go with us because Graham was driving home with Robby. This was the first time that Graham has driven recently with Robby. They made it home successfully way before the Target shoppers were finished. Even with that information, Anderson was still glad that he went with us.
  • When we made it home, Robby and I ran the wheelbarrow over to the Wilson's house. Then we came home, and I helped Keaton put some tabs of the books of the Bible on her new Bible. She is still working long after I had to stop-she just made it to the New Testament.

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