May 12, 2023

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  • I was up this morning and was once again surprised because it was raining. The rain messes up my morning routine with Bentley for sure. Usually she goes out and then I brush her each morning. 
  • With it raining, I am in no hurry to take her out, and I guess she realizes that it is messy out because she never barks to go out. Once again around noon, I did take her out-not becuase she asked, but because I didn't want her to get a bladder infection. (I don't know if that is even a thing, but sounded like it could happen.)
  • I can't remember who the first kid up this morning was. It wasn't Whitman because I kind of anxiously await him to wake up so we can do our spelling each day and get that over with. I really didn't see many of the kids at all until I left to make one last run to the library.
  • When I did come home, people were stirring and our little bit of summer school did finally happen. Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman worked on one of his birthday presents-I think that they did that just so they could avoid school and chores for a little bit.
  • This afternoon we took the big boys to get their hair cut. Anderson was pleased with his while Graham was not. It looks just fine though but he thinks it is too short, but I think the back is still too long. 
  • While we were out, we did pick up things from Sams, Kroger and Costco. I ran into the first 2 stores and was super speedy. Costco was a quick stop too, but the boys did manage to get themselves a snack before we left. Graham couldn't decide between a chicken bake at the food area or a rotisserie chicken-he opted for the chicken bake.
  • There was lots more packing this afternoon, and even a little bit of reading for me. I still have about 50 more pages that I want to read tonight, but I don't think that I am going to make it.
  • Tonight, we had frozen pizzas for supper and then Robby and I went to the Wilson's house for a little bit. When we did come home, we did start ushering people off to bed because 6:20 comes early in the morning-especially for a house full of kids that have been sleeping until noon.

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