May 17, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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I think that we all did sleep perfectly last night. Robby did wake up at 7 to secure us tickets for Guardians for later in the day. Then at 8, our air cut off so he had to put on shorts and go outside to fix that. 

He has had a time with the power this week. It isn't us; it is the campgrounds electrical stuff. Each morning at 8, our air cuts off. He is having to work around pretty much everything so we don't continually lose power. He has it figured out, but we know that they have been occasionally closing loops in this campground, and now we wonder if they are working on the electical things when they do.

Our Guardians number was a little bit earlier than our Tron numbers have been so we were at Epcot around 11. We jumped in the line to ride that. Then we stopped and ate some popcorn and drank some coke before going to Mexico to ride the little ride there.

On the way out of Mexico, Robby bought an empanada and some tacos for us to try. Reagan got herself an orange coffee as well. I did try a sip-it was interesting, but there was little orange flavoring in it. After this, we headed back to the campground.

Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went to the pool. Robby, Graham and I stayed there for a little bit, but soon went back to the camper. I guess a storm rolled in nearby causing them to close the pool so the pool goers had to walk back until we were able to reach Anderson on the golf cart who was out looking for pins.

It never did rain here but it did cool things off which was nice. Our air conditioners had been struggling to keep up for a little bit. We are pretty much in the direct sun so the thunder and clouds made things bearable. Quite a few of us ended up outside under the tent when the weather did cool off.

At 6 we started towards Epcot. We decided to park at Hollywood and ride the Skyliner over. That would have been a super quick way to get over there-quicker than the boat or the mile plus walk. However, the skyliner stopped-and not just paused, but stopped for about 25 minutes. 

We were fine and no one seemed to be too concerned. Campbell is usually the most nervous of the group, but she didn't seem to be bothered. However, Anderson does not like heights at all, nor does he like enclosed spaces, so I think if it went on much loner he would not have been too pleased. 

After that slow down, we headed right on over to Italy to eat supper at Via Napoli. We ordered a Ceasar salad which was ok. Robby also ordered manicotti-the kids weren't crazy about it. Graham said that it reminded him of Chef Boyrdee ravioli, but I really thought that it was good. 

We also ordered 2 pizzas-they were huge! We ordered "half meter" pizzas. We figured that up, and it would be around 20 or so inches. These babies were closer to a whole meter. One was a white 4 cheese pizza while the other was made with red sauce and had sausage on it. 

We did have leftovers, and we carted them all the way back out of Epcot, back to Hollywood via the Skyliner and for the rest of the evening. Epcot closed at 9 so we caught the fireworks there as we walked out. 

Hollywood was open until 10 so we were able to ride Toy Story Mania. Anderson continues to be the champion on that ride. Then we walked on over to watch the 10:30 showing of Fantasmic. It wasn't crowded at all, and we had perfect seats. 

It was late when we did get home, but beds were quickly made and everyone is not in their beds. I still have my shower to take, but I bet that lights will be off before I am out of the shower.

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