May 20, 2023-Disney or Bust

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What a big day we had! My alarm was supposed to go off at 7, but somehow I had clicked an alarm on my phone that will not go off on Saturdays. That was fine because Robby was the grown up, and his alarm went off on time.

Our goal was to leave the camper at 8 this morning which is the earliest we have left this trip. Heck, it is the earliest we have probably been up this trip. We were close-it was about 8:05 when we walked to the boat. 

We caught the boat and made our way to Magic Kingdom. We hopped on Buzz where I scored a perfect score and recieved a pin. If you remember when we were here in December, Anderson, Graham, and Robby all earned perfect scores so I was glad to join their ranks. Now, it did help me that we were briefly paused today, and I was able to snag a few more points during that stoppage.

After Buzz, we headed to Space Mountain. The line looked promising, but it stopped long enough that Reagan, Anderson and I had to exit since we had our Keys to the Kingdom tour. Robby and the others were able to ride Space. 

Then they went to Tron. Robby didn't ride, so the 4 of them could use our tickets plus his to ride twice. Of course everyone enjoyed this. When they finished with that, the had some popcorn and headed back to the camper.

They had lunch and even did a load of laundry. Graham and Keaton rode a pretty long bike ride, and there was lots of pin trading and golf cart driving during the day.

Anderson, Reagan, and I headed to the front of Main Street to start our tour. Reagan and Anderson received their tour for Christmas, and Robby gave me mine for my birthday. There were 20 people in our tour. 

It was super interesting, and our guide was wonderful. We started by walking down Main Street while she talked about things. Then we moved on to Adventurland where we rode The Jungle Cruise. The most interesting part of the day was when we went backstage and watched the cast members get ready for the parade.

We saw Mickey and Minnie without their headpieces standing on the float talking. It was two women. There were 2 princes standing together talking while Ariel was standing right nearby putting on her tail and being lifted with a forklift up into her parade float.

Then it was on to lunch for us-we had our lunches ready at Pecos Bills. Next up was a ride on Haunted followed by getting to go down in the Utilidors-the underground tunnels that the workers use. This was neat to see, but really by this time we were getting a little bit tired. There was a lot of walking plus it was often sunny on us. 

I know that I had fun today, and I really think that Reagan and Anderson did as well. I know that they really liked the ice cream that I bought them when we did finish with our tour. We needed a little something to give us enough energy to get ourselves back to the boat.

Robby was at the boat dock to pick us up when we arrived. We had a bit of time to relax before Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I left to go to the Character Warehouse. Keaton was really hoping to find a Loungefly backpack, but we did not. We did find a few pairs of ears to hang on their wall along with a Halloween costume for Bentley. 

Then we ran to Sams to pick up a few essentials. I did just remember that we forgot granola-ugh. However, we did buy some gum, candy and pretzels. And of course we picked up some pizza pretzels for supper along with some pizzas to eat back at the campsite. 

Around 8, everyone but Reagan and Anderson headed back to Magic Kingdom for a little bit. We rode Buzz, the Peoplemove and finally Snow White. It took a while to get on Snow White, and it took a while to get back to the campground, but Anderson was waiting for us on the golf cart when we arrived.

It has been a long day-I'm pretty exhausted. Tomorrowe we think we are going to take it super slow!

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