May 22, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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This was supposed to be kind of a lazy last day around the campsite. However, it is almost 1, and we are still going strong. Most people are in bed, but we still have a few to go. I will do my best to remember what all we did today.

I did wake up a few minutes before 7 and was looking at my phone when Robby's alarm went off. His alarm is set to wake him up so he can try to get us early morning tickets for Gaurdians. It is just random what times you are assigned-the ride fills up for the day in seconds so miliseconds are what you are dealing with when you try to snag tickets. He usually goes to the government website to look at the official time to help him.

I guess today, he was a little too quick and snagged one of the early morning boarding groups. This was all well and good, but it did mean that we had to get up and get going. We started waking everyone up at 9 and were headed to Epcot by 10ish.

We walked right to Gaurdians and jumped into the super long line. That was fine because that line does move very well. Then some of the people rode single rider for Test Track while the rest of us had popcorn and some drinks. Afterwards, we went back to the campground for a little bit.

After a few hours, Robby took Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman to the Magic Kingdom for a little bit. When they started to leave, it started to rain-they dealt with showers off and on the whole time they were there. This also caused many of the rides to be down limiting what all they could do. 

While they were gone, Reagan took a walk-in the rain. Anderson sat under the tent during most of the rain showers, but he did do some bike riding during all of it as well. Graham came back completely soaked. Bentley and I stayed dry in the camper. It was really coming down-hard enough that I checked the spot in the bathroom where we deal with some leaks. I guess we are sitting at the right angle, and there was no leak today. That was good since really all of our other outside stuff is wet.

Well, I shouldn't say that. Robby and I did take down quite a few things this afternoon. We would have take everything down and put it away had we known that the rain was coming. It was so super hot though so we decided to save the rest for tomorrow. Now, we need it to be sunny and warm in the morning to dry everything out.

The Magic Kingdom folks watched the Monsters Inc show. Campbell's joke was used in the skit so that was fun. They rode the People Mover and even stopped to get some ice cream before heading back. They had a big time and were gone for quite a while.

When they came back, I made suppers-it was a new package of meatballs, and they were pretty much a bust, but the mashed potatoes were good. Then we decided that we would at least drive to Hollywood and hope that the rain slacked off.

It did so around 7:30, we headed towards Tower of Terror. Campbell abhors that ride so she went her own way. This was a very good thing! We were all on the very back row. Just as we were about to start dropping, the car kind of shuttered and stopped. So we just sat in the pitch black for about 2 minutes beore an emergency light came on.

After a few more minutes, someone came on the speaker asking if we were ok. We were just setting there, but we could hear machines making all kinds of sounds. Anderson said later that he did not like that at all and was gribbing tightly pretty much the whole time that we were up there. (Remember how he doesn't like enclosed spaces and heights). Graham, who I was sitting by, was pretty much the same way. 

People started pulling out their phones. At first one girl said she didn't have a signal, but thankfully we did and could text Campbell. She had a big time while we were sitting on the ride-she rode Buzz, Slinky Dog twice and the spinny ride. 

Eventually, they came on the speaker to say that maintenance was coming. We could hear them behind us. The man did tell us that he was going to back us up, but then he couldn't because the cart was uneven. Later he said we would go down "a little ways" real quick, but then come back up. Everyone in the car held on for dear life-you know everyone's definition of "a little ways" is different. We did drop about 2 inches before coming up.

Then they were able to use a remote control to have our car come back. Everyone in the car was filming and taking pictures of the behind the scenes until they asked us not to. The rolled up a little stair thing, and helped us out of the car. Then we rode down in a real elevator and received 2 fastpasses each.

This was fine except we were planning on coming back to the park tomorrow, so we wanted to use them today. Reagan, Keaton and Graham did ride Tower of Terror successfully. The rest of us went to ride Slinky Dog and catch up with Campbell. Then we all hurried out of the park and headed to Magic.

Robby dropped us off at the Ticket and Transportation Center where we caught the wrong (resort) monorail. He drove back to the campground and caught a boat to Magic. From earlier today, they had 4 passes to Tron. 

I hurried there with Campbell and Whitman for one last ride on it. Everyone else went to Space and rode it once. Then they rode again while Reagan did the People Mover. Robby caught up with them, and they did Space two more times. When we were off of Tron, Reagan joined us on Space Mountain one last time.

It was a super busy evening for sure. After all of this riding, we needed a little something to eat, so we did stop and get a few ice cream dishes to split. We ate them before taking one last picture on Main Street and headed back to the campground. Even a relaxing Disney Day is a busy day!

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