May 21, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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For an off day from the parks, we sure have had a busy day-and we even ended up at the parks. We all slept incredibly late, but that was the plan this morning. We played around the campground this morning. 

We thought that someone would want to swim but had not takers. So after we had golf carted, pin traded and walked as much as we could, the boys and Keaton went with us to the Polynesian. We rode two boats to get there, and it was warm.

Once we made it there, we did cool off with Dole whip for all of us except Keaton. She opted for a chocolate croissant. Then Robby also ordered an order of fries and potato chip/pork/pineapple nachos. That was certainly a good snack.

Our way back was much easier than our way there-the monorail was waiting on us, and then the boat was waiting on us. When we made it back, Robby and I changed our clothes and headed to First Baptist Orlando. 

They were having a night of worship so Robby and I went to that. We knew most of the songs they sang. Even though that church is pretty different than our own, we always feel at home there. 

While we were there, Campbell and Keaton headed over to Magic Kingdom. We told them that they could if they wanted to, but they didn't waste any time getting on that boat as we were pulling out of the campground. 

They had a big evening-bought some French fries and a doughnut. They also rode the Tea Cups, Speedway, Space and when they were getting off of Buzz, the rest of us were getting on to Buzz. As soon as Robby and I made it back to the campground, we loaded up with everyone else on the boat and headed to Magic Kingdom.

After Buzz, we all rode the People Mover. Campbell and Keaton did the Speedway cars while the rest of us took a turn on Winnie the Pooh. For our last ride, we chose Seven Dwarfs again. The line was a less tonight so that made the evening more enjoyable.

We took a few pictures in front of the carousel pulling out the sword. Sleeping Beauty also stood behind Keaton as she tried to pull out the sword. Then it was back to the boat and campground.

As we were walking back to our spot, Reagan said that she always feels like she is in a zoo when she sits under our tent behind the camper. She was meaning that she felt like an animal with the people walking by. However, a few minutes later Reagan saw a possum, Campbell saw bunnies and an armadillo-Reagan really was in a zoo!  

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