May 11, 2023

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  • I wasn't expecting the rain today, but it sure was nice. Maybe because it was raining or maybe because my children stay up way too late, I didn't really see anyone, other than Anderson, until almost noon.
  • I first saw Anderson because his alarm clock was going off this morning so I went to check on it. He was sitting up in bed holding the clock, so I turned to go back down the stairs. Then it started ringing again. I went back to his room and said, "I think your alarm is going off." He told me that it wasn't his. It was, and since he had nowhere to be, I just turned it off for him.
  • By about noon, I was telling Robby that when the kids all leave the house I will need a hobby. I had read, finished some chores, did some extra cleaning, did some paperwork, and walked on the treadmill. Thankfully, the kids did start stirring so I had something to do-which was kind of just walking around behind them saying "do your chores" and "do your school."
  • Whitman and I finished a book. He and I are trying to hit it pretty hard with his spelling this summer. Hopefully, he can finish his second spelling book this summer, and we can do two this next school year-but I may get tired before then and slow down.
  • We went to Defy this afternoon for the kids to jump. It was our 59th visit since our passes started in December. That isn't too bad at all. Robby sits and does his work while I sit and read. Though sometimes the loud music does make it a bit distracting to read.
  • After Defy, we ran to Grannymom's house to pick up Anderson's shirt. Then it was on to Walmart where Anderson and I ran in while Robby and the others went into Sams. By the time that we caught up with them in Sams, they were almost finished.
  • We hurried home, and I started on supper. My enchilada recipe is never well received with the kids, so I tried another one. It was a success. Anderson even had seconds! (That is how I measure success.) 
  • Reagan and Keaton didn't eat because they went to one a Reagan's friends graduation. I wasn't able to get too much information from them except that it was long, there were speeches, and Reagan isn't going to do it. She might change her mind, but if she doesn't, that is certainly fine with me.

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