May 25, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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I went to sleep at 12:40ish last night, and then I woke up around 3:40 to go to the bathroom...and I never went back to sleep. I was hot, I was cold, I was itchy (dang mosquito bites from this week), I was really everything but sleepy. Around 5, I had to go to the bathroom again, but since we were sleeping with the slides in, going to the bathroom meant crawling over Bentley and then crawling over Robby. I can't do all of that without waking him up, and since he needed his sleep (he is the driver and can't nap like I did this morning), I just waited until our alarms went off at 6.

By 6:30, we had hooked up the car, he had dumped, and we were on the road. I did sleep off and on for about an hour this morning. We originally had planned on stopping at a Buccees to fill up, but Robby had to stop 7 miles earlier at a Kroger since he was pretty much already out of gas and didn't want to risk it.

That was fine though, because most of the kids were still sleeping so there was no reason to stop at Buccees. Our next stop after that was a Buccee's In Leeds, Alabama, This is the stop where the kids did go in and get icees. From there, we had about 30 more minutes to get to Hoover, Alabama to watch the Hogs play baseball in the SEC tournament.

The boys realized that the Hogs might be playing on a day that we were headed home, so they were pretty tense hoping that we would win yesterday's game so we would play today. That did mean that we had to hit is pretty hard to get there in time, but time change did help us. 

We found a spot to park near the RV lot there, and made it just as the Hogs were starting their game. We were in the sun for a good bit of the game, but it wasn't too uncomfortable-especially with the drinks, popcorn and peanuts that Robby bought for everyone.

After the win, we rushed back to the camper-and saw that some one had pretty much blocked us in. Thankfully, Robby was able to back up about 6 feet and squeeze out. Getting out of the parking lot and back onto the main road was a lot of work as well, but we did it.

We are usually pretty good about our meal planning on trips. We had meals planned for most nights of this trip. However, with the heat we never did make pancakes and sausage for our supper. This meant that we were behind a meal. Now, we could have just found something in the camper, but my hot dog buns, hamburger buns and bread are pretty much trash. I haven't thrown them away yet, but the best spot for them is in a higher cabinet which apparently got way too much heat on this trip.

This did cause Robby to buy a bread box foe the counter. It was a set of two-they are clear and set perfectly on the cabinet. We are hoping that this will help keep our bread fresh. We have never had this happen where everything has gone bad and gotten hard, but we have had our pita bread turn moldy before (it did this time as well, so I had to throw a few away). Meanwhile, at home, I can keep it for weeks without having a problem, so surely it is all due to the heat. We shall see how the new breadboxes work on our next trip.

All that to say, since we really didn't have anything for supper, we had to stop on the way out of town. Robby found a ChickFilA that he ran in to grab us some food. We ate in the camper, and then headed back to the interestate. 

The kids have just finished with their snacks and now we are headed to Holly Springs for the evening-at least I think that is the plan!

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