May 23, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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Check out was at 11 today, so Robby was up working well before then. Pretty soon after he climbed out of bed, I did roll over and apparently laid on Bentley enough for her to yelp and get out of the bed. Then I was awake and started stirring.

Graham and Reagan wanted to take showers before we left the Fort Wilderness. I take all of my showers in the shower in the camper and do all of my bathrooming in it as well. Reagan can not stand having to take a shwoer in the camper. She even wears shower shoes and asks me every single time where the "clean towels" are. Of course every time this camper rolls to Jacqueline Drive, all towels are washed and the shower is scrubbed so there is no need for any of that.

I will agree though that the bathrooms at Fort Wilderness are incredibly nice. Anderson did remind me that the ones at Camping on the Gulf and Catherine's Landing are also very nice. Really most of the kids except Whitman do go to the bath houses when they have a chance. I think that Campbell and Keaton enjoy the adventure of it and always choose to go. Robby will occasionally go especially when he needs to shave. 

All of that to say, I had to wake Reagan and Graham up so they could go and take their shower before we pulled out. Anderson helped Robby with the last few things outside, and we were pulling out a few minutes after 11. It did seem like I spent most of the morning folding our laundry that Robby had washed so I wasn't much help.

Our drive was maybe 3 hours to Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. We stopped at Sam's for me to buy some granola, but they were out of it. However, our main reason for stopping at the exit was because Buccee's was right across the street. We filled up wiht gas and grabbed some slushies before hitting the road again. Actually, I didn't get a slushee-I found a tiny things of Dr. Pepper float Blue Bell ice cream. I like Blue Bell and I like Dr. Pepper, but it was a disappointment for sure. 

It was around 3 when we arrived at the campsite. It is like we are in the middle of a jungle-such a neat campsite. And we are right across from the bath house, but most importantly we are on the closest loop to the beach.

As soon as we parked the camper, the kids started getting their bikes and rode to the beach. We all soon joined them. It was so pretty, and the weather was at least 20 degrees cooler than it was at Disney. We set a few things up-though of course after working hard to dry everything out last night, it is raining tonight and things are getting wet again. Oh, well, We can set it all back up at home if we need to.

This evening we went to downtown St. Augustine and walked along St. Georg street. We, of course, found us some supper at Pizza Time which some say is the 2nd best pizza in the US. We all bought a slice (mine was ravioli pizza), plus Robby bought gralic knots, a ceasar salad, and a potato ball (not really sure what it was-kind of like mashed potatoes shaped into a ball with meat and cheese on the inside and smothered with marinara.) It was all delicious-and I think that the majority of Dennie's liked tonight's pizza better than the pizza we had in Italy at Epcot. (Reagan and Anderson were the ones who liked Epcots better.)

We made it in before 9 tonight which is earlier than we have the last few nights-last night was well after 11. Robby is catching up on some work while everyone else is on their devices. I have ran out of books to read so I am downloading one on my phone. Soon we will make beds and make some plans for tomorrow.

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