August 10, 2023

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  • Reagan and Campbell were the first ones to leave this morning. They met the other students at the church house for Student Serve Day, and then headed to a church on Asher. There they worked all morning in the church's resale shop.
  • Anderson and Graham were up for a bit and did some school work before they headed to their science class. Whitman woke up when the big boys did, and he worked mainly with me most of the morning. He was pretty pleased that he was finished well before lunch this morning.
  • At 1130, I woke up Keaton. Since she had finished all of her school yesterday so she enjoyed sleeping in. As soon as the boys were out of their science class, they hurried home.
  • Keaton and I were waiting for them while holding their lunch-breakfast burritos for Graham and grilled cheese for Anderson. I drove them straight to meet the others at the church where Reagan and Campbell were.
  • A bit later, the youth headed over to the Arkansas Food Bank to do some work there. I think that they really enjoyed working there. I bet that they were a little bit tired from working so hard today.
  • When Keaton and I dropped them off, we headed to our church house so we could work on my Sunday school room. She was a great help, and it didn't take long before we were finished.
  • The big 4 made it home about 5 this afternoon. Campbell was home for about 10 minutes when she left again with Keaton. The middle school from Rock Creek went to Main Event tonight so Robby dropped them off there. 
  • They had a big time-eating pizza, bowling, playing games, and winning lots of candy. This busy week has now included 2 trips to Main Event for Campbell. (plus a full week of school, a whole day of work at Student Serve day, a lip sync battle and tomorrow is worship night, and she is having friends over Saturday.)
  • While they were gone, I made some pasta for supper tonight. This was the pasta that I had made before, and the kids thought it was too zesty. Anderson said he thought it was better tonight-he gave me a 6 out of 10. (I asked him to continue his ratings-ramen was an 8, a cup of mac and cheese was a 6, and chicken alfredo a 9)
  • Everyone is home now, and since today is national s'mores day that is what this evening's snack is going to be!

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