August 22, 2023

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  • Anderson was the first to leave this morning for his three classes. Then Reagan and Graham left next. This was finally Reagan's first full day of school. Since those 3 were gone all morning, it did make our morning around here pretty quiet. 
  • There seems to be a lot of people working on ACT stuff around here. I can really only help them with the English and Math sections. Campbell and I were working on the math today, and maybe I was just tired or maybe I can't really help with math anymore, because I wasn't sure about anything. 
  • I did some packing today for Whitman and myself. I should make Whitman work on his packing, but really it is just so much easier when I do it for him. That's bad, I know!
  • The boys came home first after their school. They had some how stopped at Sonic on their way home. Reagan arrived much later in the day after her classes. Before she did make it home, Anderson and I worked on how to take notes from his textbook for his history class. 
  • Then it was Defy time for Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman. We have now hit over 75 visits this year. I thought that since we were going later than usual, there would be a few more people there. But no, I guess everyone has stopped coming because of school which my little 3 love. The big boys like people to be there though so they can play basketball.
  • When we came home, it was almost time for supper so I pulled out the leftovers-yes, again! I didn't get many takers though Campbell finished one thing and Anderson almost finished another. I had to supplement my leftovers with sweet potato fries and egg rolls. Oh, we did slice 2 baked potatoes that were leftovers and put them in the air fryer so that did help get rid of some leftovers.
  • After supper, most of us played 20 Questions. Anderson was in first place with Keaton in second place. Some times that game is more fun than others-actually, it was probably more fun the last time that we played it because I won!
  • Currently, Robby is at a work dinner while I am on the couch listening to Anderson's tv program about airplanes. Keaton is trying to decide on her dessert options while Whitman is on his ipad. I believe that the upstairs people are fairly busy too-Reagan is watching tv in the bonus room, Campbell is probably Facetiming her friends while Graham is on his xbox.

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