August 25, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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This morning I heard Robby moving around. It is super dark in our bedroom area so I couldn't tell if it was daylight or not, but I was praying hard that it was just 2 or something. However, I guess I forget that it was 3 when we went to bed so it being 2 wouldn't have been an option. 

It wasn't 2 or any other time that would have made my happy. It was 7:20, and he was waking me up to tell me that he was about to pull out. He doesn't expect me to get up with him, and I do trust him, but when this camper starts rolling, there is no way I could sleep.

The second Buccees was just about 30 minutes away. The kids were still sleeping, but Robby pumped gas, I took Bentley out, and Robby ran into get me a scone and him a jalapeno cheddar sausage biscuit. We had about 6 hours to go today, and we really didn't hear much from the kids at all.

We stopped once more at a gas station. There we made up their beds, and I tried to straighten things a little bit. Before too long, we were shoving Bentley to the back of the camper and checking into the campground. 

Why were we making Bentley go to the back-well, dogs are 5 dollars a day here. Once or twice we have gotten lucky and the person checking us in has not asked about a dog. Now today, we weren't so lucky-they asked so we had to say yes even though they couldn't see the dog (Anderson was steadily feeding her treats in the back).

We got one of the last 2 spots in the loop that we wanted to be in so we were super happy that we snagged it in our loop 100. We don't think that we will be able to get in this loop over Halloween because we think that it will be crazy.

Once we made it here, we unhooked the car, and I dropped Anderson and a golf cart full of people off to pick up our golf cart. We hurried to go and help Robby back in but he was already backing in by the time that we made it to him. He said that he had to hurry because it was hot.

Yesterday, when we were standing outside we could just feel the heat radiating onto our legs. Today it was hot, but not exactly that hot. The high here was just around 94 and not the 103 like at home. We were still hot and sweaty by the time we had done most things outside. 

This afternoon there were golf cart rides and bike rides. Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman decided to go swimming so I took them. When the kids were little going swimming was such a chore, and now it is like sure I'll take you and sit in a chair quietly reading while you swim. They had fun and could have stayed longer. 

Robby hasn't felt the best lately-he has had a cold, so I think that getting hot with little sleep caused him to kind of crash tonight. He didn't eat supper, but the rest of us had orange chicken. Surprisingly, we have quite a bit of leftovers. I think that is because it is just so warm that we don't eat as much as usual. 

We went to Hollywood Studios tonight with everyone else in this city. It was so crowded. Reagan and Graham chose to ride Tower of Terror. It said their wait time was over 2 hours but they were off within an hour, Campbell and Keaton rode Slinky Dog and again their wait time was much less than posted. The rest of us rode Toy Story Mania where Anderson again beat us all and had the high score.

I think the lines were shorter than they said because it was park closing time, and they wanted people to go home. It all worked out well, and we some how all finished with in 10 minutes of each other. We met up back at the car and came back to the campground.

Once back, Bentley and Reagan took a walk, some rode bikes to the pool to get a drink, Robby took a trip on the golf cart with people to get a drink, and then I did as well. Anderson and Keaton were the only ones who had their shower tonight since some had taken one earlier this afternoon. Now, after drinks and cupcakes everyone is pretty much in their beds. I still have my shower to take and them am going to catch up on some reading.

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