August 8, 2023

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  • Bentley and I woke right up at 6:30 this morning when a loud clap of thunder crashed. I am not sure if she was in bed with me or if she quickly joined me. I pulled her close to me though, and we went on back to sleep.
  • I have been doing so well waking up in time to get most of my things done before school starts, but today was the exception. I barely managed to brush my teeth before beginning school this morning. Thankfully though things calmed down so I was able to catch up before noon.
  • Today was Anderson and Graham's first day at Comm Central. Graham only has physical science, and Anderson has it as well, but he also had 2 other classes that have not yet started. They weren't too happy about the class-there are 9th graders in the class and only one other boy. 
  • When they went to church for class, they also took Campbell. The students were going to Main Event today, and she would have had to arrive about 30 minutes after the boys got to church, so I convinced her to just go early with them and hang out.
  • Soon she was on the bus for Main Event, and the boys drove to meet everyone there when their class was over. I think that they all had fun there-Campbell came home with a bag of little trinkets from the claw machine, and Anderson won some candy. 
  • While they were gone, I went with Keaton and Whitman to Defy. She loves jumping on the trampoline, but when he is "forced" to go, he doesn't enjoy it much. But I enjoyed sitting on the couch there and reading my book.
  • We came home, then the big boys and Campbell arrived about 30 minutes later. And 30 minutes after that Robby showed up from Memphis where he had had the camper worked on.
  • We had grown fairly concerned about what all was wrong with the camper and what that was going to do to our financial situation. However, the fix it man said the axle, wheel bearings, and springs were all fine. He also said that Robby must have just had bad luck and gotten bad tires. They aligned the camper, and Robby was soon on his way soon.
  • We were home for a bit when we went on our next errand. The Wilsons had a spare car so we took it for a test drive. Reagan even took the car for a test drive, and when she gave the thumbs up, Robby purchased the car. I am pretty sure that Reagan is tickled about this new to her car.
  • Robby and I then went to Costco to pick up a supper for the kids-a rotisserie chicken and a pizza. By the time we came home, they also had corn and mashed potatoes made. We then ran to get gas for the new car and for the minivan. Then Robby went into Kroger while I headed home with the kids supper.
  • Reagan was watching a movie in the living room with Campbell and Keaton, but they have both deserted her. Campbell to chat with her friends on the phone, and Keaton to do her school work. I am hiding out in my bedroom because Reagan has turned off all of the lights for her movie, and I just can't sit in the dark. 

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