August 15, 2023

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  • Our day was full of lots of coming and going. We started school like normal, but after a bit Anderson and Graham headed to their class.
  • Whitman and I did some speed schooling so he would be ready to go with Robby a bit later. They got Whitman a hair cut, and then they spent some of his Little Caesars gift card that he earned in May for saying all of his Bible verses. 
  • And finally they picked up Graham on the way home. Anderson had a meeting after his class so he stayed at school later-actually he didn't get home until after 2, and then he only had a few minutes before he had to turn around and go work at Raymar for football evals.
  • Robby and I took Graham there later so he could help. While we were there, we picked up the suburban and filled the minivan and suburban up with gas. We also ran to the store to pick up a few things. I am starting to get ready for next weeks trip, but we still haven't decided on any real food that we will need so we didn't do that much shopping tonight.
  • Back at home, we waited on the boys to get home before Robby cooked pancakes and egg in the hole for supper tonight. I do believe that egg in the hole is one of my favorite things to eat. The griddle was already out and ready to go since Robby had cooked 3 dozen eggs and 3 pounds of sausage for me so I could make a few days worth of breakfast burritos for the boys. (I really do hope that it lasts a more than just a few days though!)
  • Most people have had their showers-we did make Whitman take one tonight. If we are being honest, I have no idea when he last took one. Probably at least a week, but since Graham takes multiple showers a day, I kind of feel that it evens out a little bit. 

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