August 16, 2023

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  • Tomorrow Anderson has to leave at 8:25. I know that isn't anything for all of the real school goers, but for us-that is fairly early to get this house stirring. I have been doing my first wake up at 8:15 each morning with the second at 8:30 where I almost have to drag sleeping Whitman down the stairs. (Not really, but he doesn't get up as quickly as his sisters.)
  • This was the first fairly stressful day of school. There were lots of things for me to do and check with people. Whitman was actually the lucky one-when I was trying to work with the big boys and do his spelling, I eventually just told him that he got a pass and could skip spelling today. 
  • We did eventually finish everything that needed to be done so afterwards my day did slow down a bit. I took Bentley on a walk before taking Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman to Defy.
  • Today at Defy was just a completely different experience-everyone was really back at school, so it was just them and about 5 other folks there. Less people meant that they played more. We probably could have stayed over the one hour mark, but I think they were anxious to get a drink on the way home. 
  • We weren't home for too long this afternoon when Anderson and Graham left for Raymar to help with football evals. Well, Anderson is working while Graham is just helping. Yesterday, Graham didn't have a job so he was kind of bored, but hopefully today he did. He was asked to come and help, and I know it feels a little defeating when you don't feel like you are actually helping.
  • Robby and I ran to Grannymom's house for a bit this afternoon. Then it was on to Sams and Costco. We found things we needed at both places, but really we didn't buy anything too fun-except for maybe sweet potato fries which we heated up for supper.
  • When we saw that the boys were heading home, we started on supper. The fries were a bit hit for sure-Robby had to make at least 4 different batches. We had 3 air fryers happening at once tonight so everyone could have their food warm-even though we still ate in 2 shifts. 
  • After eating, the boys had their showers, while the rest of the evening looks like it is going to happen while sitting on the couch!

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