August 28, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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This morning Robby and I were the only ones to get up for our Animal Kingdom visit. I really enjoy the safari so I wanted to see it one more time before our Disney days are over, and since the best time to see the animals is in the morning, we went early this morning.

We were there at opening along with quite a few other people, but we were only about 20th in line for the safari. We saw tons of animals this morning-the elephants and zebras are always my favorites, but the hippos and ostriches walked right past us. 

After the safari, Robby and I walked against the crowds pouring into the park to head to our car. Since we were out, we ran into Walmart. I did buy more plain bagels for the boys, but I also saw the Walmart has Hawaiian bagels-doesn't that sound interesting? I should have also bought some more cream cheese, but I'm sure there will be another Walmart trip. Or maybe we need to stay away from the stores.

Graham was the only kid awake when we came home, so Robby and I started putting away a few of the things that were outside. The weather said that some rain was going to come tonight, and then lots more in the next few days, and we don't want wet things. 

After doing that, most of the kids were still sleeping so Robby and I drove around the campground. We went around all of the camper loops-maybe about 16 of them. We knew that this was going to be a lower week crowd wise, plus the price for the camping spots this week is also the lowest we have paid which also tells us about attendance. In addition to this pesky hurricane coming, we think that this campground is 1/4-1/3 full which is really pretty empty.

Soon the kids started waking up. We are in the loop closest to the restaurant where we can go and get our drinks refilled so there was lots of that happening today. Plus lots of bike riding-Graham's chain did come off and he had to have Anderson bring him a screwdriver and water to wash his hands. Keaton walked forever with Bentley, and I think that Bentley went to the dog park about 3 different times. She should be exhausted, but she is laying beside me going to town chewing on a toy right now.

Around 1, I asked who wanted to go to the Contemporary for a snack, and had 5 takers. My only non taker was Whitman, but if everyone else was going, then he didn't get a choice. He was none to happy about this though. However, after our bus ride and then monorail to the Contemporary, he was the first to get his snack so that changed his attitude.

We then monorail hopped to the Polynesian, and the big boys had Dole whip. From there, the boys all headed back to the camper while Robby, the girls, and I went to the Grand Floridian. There Campbell and Reagan found their snacks (fries and a berry shortcake). The Grand Floridian is under a lot of construction so it was pretty sad looking. 

While we were gone, it looked like it was about to start raining, so we had the boys throw everything that was still out into the van. Thankfully, it didn't rain at all today. When we came home from that adventure, Robby and I went ahead and put everything up every well. The only things that we have left out right now is the doormat and the bikes. Hopefully, the rain (and hurricane) passes us by, and we have some more sunny days, but if not, we look forward to the adventure (I just hope I packed enough ponchos).

When we got off of the bus and were walking towards the monorail on our way to the Contemporary, Robby had all of the kid go into Magic Kingdom and then walk out. This was their tickets were able to get a Tron ride for tonight. So around 7 (maybe, I am not really sure) we all headed to Magic. 

The kids all rode Tron (Robby and I couldn't since we had gone to Animal this morning and couldn't get into Magic until 3 which I was certainly fine with.) Then the kids rode Space before the boys left. They went back to the camper and then loaded up to go and grab themselves some supper at McDonalds. I heard they spared no expense and even had ice cream.

When they left us, Keaton and Campbell rode the Speedway. Since the fireworks were happening, we were able to almost walk right on Seven Dwarfs before we rode the Carousel. Then the girls and I ended our day with dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.

Keaton has said a few times that she wanted to eat in the castle, and really, we aren't going to be here too many more times. I am not exactly sure if she has eaten in the castle, and Reagan and Campbell said that they don't remember it if they had so tonight was the night to make those memories. (I can't find when we ate at the castle last, but it was before 2011 which is when we when we ate with princesses in Norway at Epcot.)

Of course this meal isn't cheap by any means, and since the boys would care nothing about this, it was a girls' only trip. Seeing the princesses was fun-Cinderella was probably the most exciting to see, but we also saw Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty. The girls and I laughed that we enjoyed our meal more after the princesses had all come and talked with us-we were able to relax.

We each had one of the appetizers-braised beef (the smallest and best which I ordered), tomato soup (which Keaton didn't like), citrus salad (which Campbell didn't like), and shrimp (which Reagan did like!) Then we ordered 2 entrees of pasta and chicken (this was pretty good, but very rich) and 2 entrees of pork tenderloin (this was not as good as Pop's pork tenderloin but still really good.) Next up was dessert, and we all got the same thing-a chocolate mousse type cake along with some cold chocolate custard (maybe). The girls didn't like the custard thing so I ate theirs and then brought my cake home for the boys to split tomorrow.

Of course we had leftovers, and I did my best to move and eat slowly because I sure didn't want to be rushed during our meal. We were making memories after all. Our reservations were for 9:50, and it was 11:00 by the time we were leaving the restaurant. Since the park closed at 10, it was fairly empty. Keaton and Campbell danced around Main Street and took tons of pictures on the way out. They had so much fun doing this.

We stopped at 2 bathrooms before we made it out of the park-the food was fairly rich. Then we rode the boat back to the campground where Graham was waiting in the golf cart to pick us up. I told Graham and Robby all about the food while Reagan and Campbell went to the bathhouse to shower. 

Today was a great day full of memories, and now we are crossing our fingers for the rain to hold off until tomorrow night around midnight!

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