August 7, 2023

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  • This was a fairly calm Monday for which I am thankful. I was the first one awake this morning and started on the pesky laundry and dishes before taking Bentley out to be brushed. Then it was on to waking up the kids.
  • Campbell said that she was already awake, but I am not too sure about that. I have learned the trick to waking Whitman up in the mornings-I tell him how many minutes he has on his ipad before we start to work. Usually, this will get him stirring at least. This morning 15 minutes after waking him up, I found him curled up with that ipad sound asleep-it didn't work too well today.
  • We did all of our reading this morning which is just always my favorite part of the day. I could read to them for hours longer than we have but always have to hurry the last few minutes so I can get everything in. 
  • Then the kids started on their school work. Keaton usually does quite a bit of work the night before and always tries to work ahead. Whitman should work ahead, but bless him, if he can just get the days work done then that is a win. Though he has plenty of time to do work during the afternoon or evening, but he would so grumble and complain if I suggested it.
  • Campbell has to leave early tomorrow and then will be gone all day Thursday for church things so she is right now feverishly trying to get ahead for the rest of the week. Reagan also doesn't need any motivation to do school-she has been working on the ACT each night. The boys need some of the motivation that my girls have.
  • Keaton wanted to go to Defy so Whitman was "forced" to go as well. She jumped the entire hour while Whitman was full of grumbles and complaints. I was sitting downstairs so I was a nearby ear for his whining today. 
  • Robby left for Memphis this afternoon in hopes that the camper can be diagnosed and fixed tomorrow. He is at an RV park overlooking the mighty Mississippi. He even climbed up into a treehouse to look at the river.
  • I then took Graham to the orthodontist to get those retainers. He has been without since the beginning of July. I am glad that he has them now, and I told him that they would not leave the house on a trip unless I was going with them. 
  • Since Robby was gone tonight, we just all ate our own thing for supper. Keaton and Reagan had manicotti, Whitman, Anderson and I had nachos, Graham had his free ChickFilA that we picked up on the way home from the orthodontist, and Campbell is just now working on her dinner.
  • I have just finished watching a Hallmark movie and am now going to get me some ice cream without telling the kids!

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