August 18, 2023

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  • For a no school day around here, it wast still fairly busy with all of the things including school. Anderson worked on his history while Graham did some of the ACT which I then reviewed with him. Then both boys had a physical science test to take. 
  • By the time that their test was over, I was in a hurry because I was trying to get to church at a decent time this morning. Graham drove me there along with Keaton and Campbell. (He did great driving, but I did at one point think that we were going to die!)
  • This was our second week to go to church early to set up for Sunday school. Today, we set up a Christmas tree in our room. The girls and Graham helped me get everything ready for Sunday so that always helps on Sunday morning.
  • After coming home from church and the library, the kids had lunch-Campbell and Keaton have been eating out on the back patio. It is kind of nice out there in the shade as long as the neighbor dog isn't barking at them.
  • Then we loaded up and all went to Defy for a little bit. On the way home, Robby bought them drinks which is the reason that most of the kids went. It is so different right now at Defy when no one is there. 
  • This afternoon Robby worked on making some cookies. Are cookies are never quite as good as Shannon's so we tried again. They were decent, but we just haven't figured it out quite yet. There was some time between cookies and supper, but not much. 
  • Supper tonight was bbq and mashed potatoes. Afterwards, we cleaned the kitchen while making plans for meals for the next few weeks.
  • The kids and I played 20 questions. It is a game that everyone will usually want to play-well, Whitman didn't play today but he shouted out one answer and eventually ended up reading the clues for me. 
  • It is nearing 9, so we are going to settle in on the couch. I am going to read some of my book until we turn on the tv to watch a bit before bed!

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