August 29, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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Well, today has been the day that we have been waiting for, and the day that we were worried that Idalia, or whatever the hurricane's name is, was going to cancel. However, today was pretty great! We slept in this morning-I was wide awake at 7 but went back to sleep some, read some, and played on my phone a bit.

Robby got a message that the spare tire for the tow dolly was ready so he and Graham went to pick that up. While they were out, they stopped to get some ChickFilA breakfast. I moved the laundry to the dryer and then took Bentley on a walk.

She did her business, and then when that dog realized that we were walking back to the camper, she stopped. I did ask her if she wanted to go on a golf cart ride, and she picked up her pace to the golf cart. I found Keaton inside, and she came with us.

We didn't really do too much today. Reagan is feeling a bit overwhelmed with one of her classes, so she has some work to do in it tomorrow. Anderson did a bit of school work, and I think that the 3 littles did as well. I do think that Graham didn't do any today though. I am pretty sure that there will be time tomorrow for some school catch up-though it looks like right now that we are just getting rain tonight and wind tomorrow.

Robby decided that he wouldn't be able to hang out until 5 tonight which is when we decided that we would leave for the Halloween party. He and I went over to Magic today for just a little bit. We actually just rode Small World and then walked back down Main Street and came back to the camper.

We probably looked silly this afternoon leaving the campground all wearing empty backpacks. We caught the bus and didn't have any problem getting into Magic Kingdom and getting our wristbands. About this time, it started to rain-not just a little but a lot. We hurried on along with Cosmic Rays and stayed there for about an hour.

During this hour, the party truly hadn't started yet, but the rain stopped, some of the kids rode Space Mountain, we scored tickets for Tron, and Robby ordered our supper. Anderson and I had the special chicken sandwich that had some type of Halloween name while Robby and Graham had the meatball sandwich on dark bread that kind of looked spooky. The rest of the crew just had regular food, but that was fun all of us getting supper since we usually just snack.

When we finished supper, we went to ride Tron. There was no wait at all which was nice. From there we began filling our treat bags. They give you small bags to fill with candy at each of the 8-12 candy stops. We did all of them multiple times. 

While walking around, we were able to do a few more rides-Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain (which is completely in the dark for Halloween), Ariel, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, and Pirates for most of us, but Graham went to do Space again. 

There was special entertainment at different places, but the highlight for all of us was filling our bags with candy. Now, I know we could have bought tons of candy from Sams with what we paid for this event, but we had a blast. And even though we looked silly with our empty bags walking in, we all had full bags when we left. Robby's backpack was probably 15 pounds while Anderson's was just as heavy. We didn't make Whitman and Reagan carry too much, but they were both carting around some pretty good candy as well.

At midnight, Campbell and Whitman were the last ones in their candy line. The nice folks just filled their bags up. Robby was on the other side of the park since he walked over with Graham, and he also got his bag full. We quickly emptied those bags on my bed when we came home. It was a massive pile of candy. It took at least 10 minutes to sort it out just between chocolate and not chocolate. 

Then it took us another 20 minutes to find places to put all of this candy. Like seriously, I can not explain the amount of candy that we have. The plan was to sort it all out well tonight and divide it up evenly, but that will have to happen later. And the kids decided at the beginning that we would all just work together and share the candy that we received.

We didn't get back to the camper until after 12:30, and not it is after 2 with me working on the blog and Robby is doing some work work. I still have to take my shower, but hopefully the rain continues for a little bit longer tonight so I can hear it while I'm sleeping. 

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