August 17, 2023

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  • Well today was finally the first day of school for Reagan even though it was only one class. This meant that I could finally take her first day of school picture and get rid of the sign that has been sitting on the counter for a few weeks.
  • Anderson had his 2 new classes this morning followed by his class with Graham. Reagan and Anderson both have history together, and then Anderson has science with Graham. This means that Graham rode with Reagan, then had a study hall, and then drove home with Anderson. 
  • Graham and I had talked about all of the things he could finished during study hall and how good that time would be. Except he told me that he played cup pong the whole time today-at least it wasn't beer pong.
  • And this is how different my first born and second born are. Reagan came in, and I asked about history. She said it was going to be hard. They played a game, and she knew none of the answers, and she already has a lot of work to do. She then went upstairs and went to work on the history.
  • When Anderson came in, I asked him the same question. He said he thought it would be fine. They played a game, and his team won the game-he knew quite a few of the answers, and he didn't think they had any work to do. He hasn't given the class a second thought tonight. They are so different!
  • Anderson had to run to Raymar to help re-move somethings back to the church house. While he was gone doing that, Robby ran back to Costco late this afternoon to buy some cream cheese. We had all of the ingredients for supper except for the cream cheese.
  • I fixed supper with Campbell's help. I am not sure what is in to my kids-Graham, Campbell, and Keaton have all ran/walked at least a mile each outside today. Campbell and Keaton went on a short bike ride. I guess all of this outside time is due to the nicer weather the last two days. I just wish that he would stay this way.
  • We all ate supper and reviewed the day. Then Robby changed a light bulb and worked on the eave of the house a little bit tonight. This meant that I had to be there to hold his ladder. As he was working on the eave of the house (trying to get rid of a few bats that have made that area home), I did notice that he was coming down quickly. He thought he had heard the bats, so he was moving pretty quick on that ladder.
  • Anderson, Keaton, and I played Rumikub. Whitman did play with us as well, but I am not sure if I can count that because he was pretty sour during our game. Then the three of us, not Whitman, played a speed round of Sequence. 
  • Now it is nearing 9, and I am sure that there will be a Rookie episode before bed for the crew.

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