August 30, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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Since we were all up past 2, this morning was a day of sleeping in. We are back in our original beds-I am not sure if I mentioned, but one night on this trip Campbell and Graham switched spots. This put Graham on the bottom bunk which we would have thought he might have liked since the bed is usually made first and it is dark. And this put Campbell on the couch which she thought she would like with more room. Neither liked the new spot, but that is not why they are no longer there.

It was nearly bedtime, probably after 12, when I heard a squeal. I got up thinking that it was Keaton since she talks in her sleep often. But no, it was Campbell squealing because Anderson decided to stand over her to scare her on his way to the bathroom. 

I do believe that it rained pretty much all night long. It was never heavy rain that I know of at least. This morning it stopped long enough for me to do some looping with Graham. Then I headed over to the Trail's End restaurant with Anderson so he could do some math. He figured out what he needed to do, and along came Reagan to work on her school work. I stayed around refilling the coke cup. 

When Anderson finished with his work, it was pouring so he had to stay a while longer. Graham eventually braved the rain to bring Reagan her backpack, and then he went back. Soon though Graham was back with Keaton and Campbell. They came just as Robby had ordered a little snack to eat. After this, the kids ran back to the camper to get the arcade card so they could play a few more games. 

I went back to the camper while Graham, Keaton, and Whitman finished playing in the arcade and while Reagan finished taking a test. Then we all loaded up and headed to Hollywood. It was nearly 7 when we arrived, but it had stopped raining which was wonderful.

We all did Rockin Roller coaster first-any ride that shoots off is not my favorite, but I stayed in line with the others. Keaton and Whitman decided that they were going to do the single rider line twice while we were in the regular line. However, they did finish way before us, but they decided to not go again. 

I am not sure why they didn't want to go again. Keaton told us that the person beside Whitman spoke Spanish and asked him something. So he looked at them and said, "No hablo espanol." I am not sure what the person beside him said, but I'm sure that he told them that he couldn't speak Spanish. Gracious me.

All of us but Campbell and Robby rode Tower of Terror. While we were riding that ride, they went to Slinky Dog. We all then did Toy Story Mania before making our way to Smuggler's Run and Rise. We knocked out some rides tonight at Hollywood for sure. Obviously, the rain all day long due to a hurricane nearby helped with the amount of people there, but I sure wish it could be like that all the time.

It was about 9:30 when we made it back to the camper. A few folks went to get drink cups refilled while Robby and I worked on supper. Graham took a shower before supper while most did that after supper. For supper tonight, we had chicken tacos. It was very good, and I really think that it is one of the kids' favorite meals.

It is now almost 12, and I am going to take my shower after everyone finishes brushing their teeth.

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