August 9, 2023

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  • I did wake up earlier this morning than yesterday morning, but still I think this waking up in the mornings is catching up with me. I still was up and had brushed the dog before it was time to start on our school work.
  • The dog brushing is a big priority for me right now-just so much hair. Keaton has thought about going to cooking camp two times next year so I told her she would have to come up with the tuition money for one of them. She had the idea that she could bake something and then sell it on Facebook. I said that was fine with me but the more I think about it, we will have to bake at someone else's house so there is not dog hair in the food. Dang golden retriever!
  • That was all completely unrelated to today's activities. The boys had quite a bit of physical science to do today. It didn't help that I disagreed with the teacher about the answers to many of the problems. We just did it my way (which Google also agreed with), but that took a bit of time.
  • Keaton finished all of her work for today and tomorrow. Campbell has to leave early tomorrow so we will not read together in the morning. She decided that since we wouldn't read, then she would just sleep on it. Though I am not sure how that will happen since everyone else will have to be up (boys all to do school work first thing in the morning and Campbell and Reagan to get ready to go to church).
  • Campbell will be gone all day tomorrow for Student Serve day so she worked super hard today and knocked out all of her school as well. Actually, she still has about 3 different things to do, but for the most part she is done.
  • When we did finish school today, Campbell and I went to pick up her glasses. And just as I expected she is even cuter with them on. I looked through them or just a little bit, and really couldn't tell a difference. (However, my eyes have felt strained since then so I am not sure if her glasses did that to me or if I have just made myself crazy.) She acted like she is able to see better in them. I had just told her that I wanted her to wear them here at home consistently, but she could choose if she wanted to wear them out of the house-and she did tonight when they went to church.
  • When we came home, the big boys started making ice cream in a bag. This is where you fill one ziplock bag with ice cream ingredients and another with ice and shake it until it turns to ice cream.
  • High school boys with a bag of ice just really turns into a mess, but they had a lot of fun doing it. Graham was still shaking his when I had to run to the Wilsons for a second. So he offered to drive me in the suburban over there.
  • He has never driven the suburban, but he did fine. Keaton was about to go on a walk with Bentley so they went to, and Reagan came along as well. I wish I could have recorded Reagan's face as Graham was backing out of their driveway.
  • Back at home, there was a bit of time before Reagan, Anderson, Graham, and Campbell left for the lip sync batter at church. Keaton will be officially in the student ministry on Sunday, but Reagan convinced her to come anyway tonight so she did. 
  • Whitman has been watching a Phineas and Ferb marathon for most of the afternoon. I am about to have to take the remote control away from him so I don't lose my mind-thankfully none of the episodes are the ones that I have seen. 
  • Campbell's group ended up winning the Lip Sync battle so she was pleased that they earned doughnuts for Sunday morning. On the way home, they stopped at ChickFilA to grab a bite to eat with some of their friends. 

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