August 1, 2023

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  • Day 2 of school, and we are all still here. Seriously, it wasn't too bad at all. My biggest complaint about school this year is that my bedroom is just a little bit chilly. I know it is a hundred outside, but at 9:30 I'm wearing a sweatshirt. I must just sit right where the vent shoots out the cool air.
  • Campbell, Graham, Anderson, and Reagan went to Tacos for Life with the church group today. I never heard what all they ate, but I did see a box of leftovers in the fridge.
  • While Whitman and I were finishing up school, we got a pool text. We then put things into high gear and went to town-well, I did. Whitman didn't care about going to the pool, but Keaton did so Whitman got to go too.
  • We were at the pool for about 2.5 hours. Even though Whitman is never crazy about leaving the house, he still had fun. He says that he does not like "to be forced" to do things. The boy is pretty smart and realized that his big brothers have a bit of say over what they do and don't do. For example, I give the big boys an option to go to the pool or even Defy, but Whitman doesn't get that choice. If I were to give him a choice he would seriously just sit at home and never leave the house.
  • We were home from the pool by 3 which was the perfect time. We did school, went to the pool, and then still had time for the afternoon. I really didn't do too much during the afternoon. I had intentions of walking on the treadmill, but instead I read some and took a 25 minute nap.
  • Instead of our planned supper, we ended up eating supper at the Crafts. It was a fun little trip-we took the camper so Casey could look at it, and they could compare things. Traci had a delicious pasta, and they also had a huge waterslide in their front yard. 
  • We all had fun, but Whitman probably had the most fun. I told him about the waterslide, but he said he didn't want to take his bathing suit. When we arrived, and he say how huge it was, he changed his mind and quickly changed!
  • We had a fun visit, but we had to hurry home because Anderson and Robby had movie tickets tonight. Their movie didn't start until 9, so maybe I will put the kids to bed early and read my book. Honestly, I go to bed before the kids these days!

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