August 13, 2023

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  • Today was promotion Sunday at Geyer so we all had new classrooms. I had gone Thursday with Keaton to set up our room, so I didn't have much to do this morning to get ready. We did have a full classroom full of 21 first graders so the morning went by very quickly.
  • Mostly all of the kids had new Sunday school teachers. Reagan is now in the senior class. and she has a great group of teachers including one wonderful teacher! Keaton has now moved up to the youth group, so it is quite different for us only having one kiddo down in children's department.
  • Graham was baptized this morning. This summer he began questioning his salvation, but he settled that at one of his camps later in the summer. Since the downstairs baptistry is under construction, that meant that he was baptized upstairs in the venue.
  • This was the first time that Robby (and all of our parents) had ever been to the Venue service. It is surprisingly similar to the one downstairs except it is in a different place and darker. 
  • We had our lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house tonight. She had a delicious breakfast casserole. And then after lunch we hung around a visited for a little bit before going home.
  • At home, I finished my book (I'm not out of books until I get myself to the library). Then the big 4 started heating to Rock Creek. While they were gone, I went to work on tomorrow's list-I was able to mark a few things off so that hopefully helped for tomorrow.
  • We all met up at the Wilson's house after the kids finished church. They had breakfast-we like all of our lunch meals and supper meals to match! Their breakfast was completely different since they had breakfast quesadillas. 
  • The kids played some games after eating while the grownups sat around and visited. Now we are trying to get the kids in bed-and I am watching them throw down armful and armful of laundry!

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