August 31, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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Well, it was another pretty perfect Disney day. Robby was the only one up at 7 so he could snag us tickets to ride Guardians. By noon, it was time for us to be able to ride so we slowly started getting ready. Graham and Keaton were the first out the door so they could drive down to get some drinks for themselves before we left. 

We then all loaded up for Epcot where we had good parking-it really is the little things. The Guardians line wasn't crazy long so that was good. After we rode, we went to Mexico to ride that ride there and then on to Norway. 

It was pretty hot today. There were lots of clouds in the sky so that did help a little bit, but I would say that today was one of the hottest days-at least while we were at Epcot. We got some snacks from Noway-a mickey shaped cinnamon roll, 2 big tortillas rolled up with cinnamon and sugar inside that had some fancy Norweigian name, and a delicious chocolate chip cookie. 

Instead of eating outside in the heat, we decided to get in line for the Frozen ride. The sign said 45 minutes, but it was more like 25 which was great. We ate our snacks while we were in line. After riding, we headed to our drink spot and had a few sips of coke before walking back to the car.

By the time we got home, it was raining. We took a bit of a break before most of us left again. Graham and Whitman opted to stay back at the camper. The rest of us went to the outlet where we found one pair of Mickey ears. Then it was on to the Nike store to buy Graham some replacement socks-his on this trip have been pitiful. Each pair we see him in has huge holes. We also looked for some shoes for Anderson but didn't have much luck since he needs a wide, and we were pressed for time.

Then we walked around Ikea because why not? We bought the standard things that we usually buy-a potty brush, kitchen brushes, a foldable bag that kids use as shower bags, scissors, a candle (for Campbell), and a plant (for Reagan). These are really our standard items-I probably could have told you that we were going to buy these things before even walking into the store. We also did buy a new pillow for Keaton and Reagan which did cause Robby to have to order them new pillowcases on the way home from amazon.

We also stopped for supper there and had some meatballs. Campbell had chicken fingers, and Reagan even requested english peas. Then it was back to the camper. We had to go through some rain to get back, but it hadn't rained or rained very little at the campground. So there was lots of looping on the golf cart this evening.

Anderson had to take a test so he did that while Robby and I did laundry. I made Graham and Whitman pizza for their supper, and we have all just had a lazy evening. I think that this is our first kind of slow night. Tomorrow is our last day so it might just be a busier day but all of that depends on the rain that may or may not happen tomorrow.

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