August 24, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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This morning as I was walking up the stairs to wake up the boys, I could hear Anderson's alarm clock ringing. Despite all of the noise from it, all three boys were still sleeping soundly. I'm glad Anderson did set his alarm, but I would be more glad if it had actually woke him up.

That was fine though because he still had plenty of time to get up and get ready for school. His computer problems are still happening, but he talked to his comm central teacher who text the college professor. They said to just use Reagan's account and take pictures of everything he does until it is fixed. Meanwhile, as soon as the computer place opened this morning, I called and was told that they would email when things were fixed which is incredibly frustrating. However, it is a good that at least Anderson can start on his homework.

Reagan and Graham left next for their classes, and the rest of us continued with our school work. Keaton just had to read and work with me this morning so that didn't take too long. Campbell didn't have too much to do-she was proud of herself for not saving the hard things until the last day. 

Some days Whitman is just off and other days he is not. He zoomed through his work today-I still had to set with him during math to talk him through things. His math skills are still strange-he does so many thing in his head, but then some times he is just staring into space, and I don't know if he is calculating something or doesn't know the answer. He was finished about 30 minutes before normal today which thrilled him.

I was taking a load of things out to the camper when the boys pulled up. I didn't realize that they would be home so soon. They started on their lunches, but the kitchen was so full of people heating things up in the microwave that Anderson decided to wait. Graham suggested that we buy another microwave since we have multiple of many small appliances (insta pots-3, crockpots-4 or possibly 5, waffle makers-4, griddles-2, quesadilla makers-2). 

Keaton was heating up chicken and a baked potato, Graham was eating chicken alfredo, Whitman was using it to heat up pizza, and Campbell was making her and me her famous ramen. (I'm not a ramen fan, but this just uses the noodles and then she adds quite a few things to it.) Anderson eventually made breakfast burritos when the kitchen did clear out.

Reagan rolled in about 2:50 with the rest of us already in the camper. She put up a few things and grabbed a snack, and we were soon on the road. We were still in Arkansas when the trim on the side of the camper started flapping. This has happened before but Robby forgot to fix it. Plus it didn't happen going to and from Memphis with him so he kind of forget.

We pulled over and fixed that, but our fix didn't last for very long. So then we pulled over again, and Robby screwed the trim in. He just did it in one spot, but he should have done more because at the next rest area we had to stop again. He added quite a few more screws so we haven't had any more problems.

That was all before we were out of Arkansas, but none of the stops took too long. Our first stop was for gas at Holly Springs. As soon as we started going again, I began working on supper. At home before we left, I had made mac and cheese and tried to keep it warm in a casserole carrier. 

Tonight's supper was chicken strips-each batch took 13 minutes in the air fryer. So the first crew to eat was Keaton, Reagan, Anderson, and Graham. When their chicken was done, I used to microwave to heat up their mac and cheese. Then the rest of us ate after 13 more minutes. There were just about 4 pieces of chicken left plus some tiny pieces so I figured that I might as well cook those as well so the air fryer was busy for over 40 minutes in the camper. 

When it is hot, we just battle the heat in the camper. Robby has the air in the cab going at full speed, plus the generator has to run so we can have to air conditioner on. So the front is cool, but once you get to the bathroom and our bed, it gets warm. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but we have so many folks that people are back there. It isn't horrible, but all of that to say that using the oven wouldn't be an option, but even the air fryer does add some heat to this thing.

Our next stop was in Leeds at Buccees. When Campbell climbed out of the camper, she said, "Oh, I know where we are." We've been on this road so many times that she knew which Buccess we were at. While Robby was pumping gas before the kids even went into the store, he noticed the tire of the car dolly.

His tire pressure thing was working well, but the tire looked pretty worn. We sent the kids in to get their drinks, while I climbed in the camper to get the jack. By the time the kids came back, Robby was unscrewing the lug nuts for the tire. The tow dolly is super easy to change a tire on. 

I'm super glad that Robby saw the tire before we took off again. The gas station was a perfect well lit, safe place to change that tire. And since we like to have to change a tire on every trip that we go on, it was good to get that tire changed early on in the trip. Robby had just climbed in the car and said that it took us 20 minutes when he decided that he better air the tire up some more. So it was probably more like 25 minuets-but for a gas stop, tire change, and icee stop that still wasn't too horrible.

It is now 2:15, but only feels like 1:15 to all of us. We didn't make beds which we probably should have, but I never thought about getting the kids pjs out when we were stopped, so we will do that in about 40 minutes when we get to our evening stop-nevermind, we have just come upon lots and lots of traffic.

Robby and I have listened to 2 different pod cast series during our drive. Thankfully, they haven't been about owls. (On our trip to SC, we listned to a podcast about an owl killing a man, and I walked with my hand over my head for the rest of the trip.)

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