August 27, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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This morning Robby wasn't in time to get a Guardians ticket, so we decided to go to the Epcot around 12:30. So this morning was full of sleeping in, but Robby did do a load of laundry before we left. We were able to even golf cart around a few loops before hurriedly leaving.

Just like yesterday, we had to be in the park by 1 for him to try to get the tickets. After walking from the parking spot for nearly 10 minutes, we made it with about 4 minutes to spare. It was warm today, but there was occasional cloud cover which should have given us an idea that rain was coming.

At Epcot we rode Nemo and watched Turtle Talk. The kids humored us in doing those two things. We then went on Soaring and Living with the Land. While we were doing those things, it must have poured. It was raining so hard that it was even raining in the Living with the Land ride. If we would have realized it was going to rain, we would have tidied up our campground a little bit.

And speaking of rain, yep, a hurricane is coming. Or at least a tropical storm is coming. We like to keep things exciting and make our trips memorable. And of course it does look the weather will begin the night of our Halloween party. Those parties are not cheap so we would love to have lovely weather, but we have ponchos and all will be good.

After the land, we did eat some popcorn and ride Figment before dividing up. The four littles went to Connections to eat their lunch/supper while Robby and I grabbed food from Morocco and Anderson and Reagan found food in the American pavilion. We were all spread out over Epcot while eating, but we met back up with the others near Guardians and offered them some of our leftovers.

Now, Guardians is my least favorite ride here, well except for Space. It is the best ride at the parks, but it is just a little bit much for me. I survived, and I also survived on a full stomach. When we finished Guardians, we headed out of the park after having spent about 5 hours in the park. For us, that is like a super long park day!

We came back to the campground, and shook our chairs out so maybe they will dry tomorrow before it starts really raining on Tuesday. The rest of the evening was spent on the golf cart or riding bikes. Keaton did quite a bit of scavenger hunting. We just love it at this campground-the kids have some freedom, well the kids have a lot of freedom, and everyone ends up spending a lot of time together. 

Currently, it is 9:15, and Robby and I are sitting on the back porch of a restaurant in rocking chairs watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks while drinking a coke. Could there really be anything better? Anderson and Graham just left in the golf cart, and the girls were headed to take showers. It will be an early night for us-well, we won't go to bed any earlier but we do plan on getting up earlier...maybe!

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