August 23, 2023

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  • Oh today has just been a day! Overall, it was good. Though I have had a plenty of stress-Anderson can not log into one of his college classes because instead he is logged in as Reagan. We don't know how this could happen since they are on different devices. I am currently on hold-the third phone call today trying to get it straightened out. 
  • Whitman started off the morning sour, and in a super slow mood. My distraction with getting this class fixed probably helped him because by the end of the morning while I was on hold, he would bring something to me to ask for help, and I would just say "skip it." Of course, I will try to catch him back up tomorrow which makes my day a bit crazier.
  • Other than that the day was pretty uneventful. Everyone was fairly excited about this evening since we were starting back Wednesday nights at church so I think that everyone took at least one shower getting ready for the night.
  • I have a new job on Wednesday nights. Well, for half of it anyway. I am now helping people sign in at the desk. I have never done any computer things at church so this is different. I had a great teacher tonight so I think that I can do it-except it will be a week before I am back so I will probably forget everything!
  • Then I am back with 2nd graders for the rest of the evening. This is Whitman's last year in the children's. He enjoyed water night tonight, and I did as well. Thankfully, I didn't get too wet though it was hot enough out there to get wet.
  • This was Keaton's first time to be upstairs. I think that she enjoyed it. I went up there twice to help kids find their way, and it looked pretty crowded. All of the big kids were ready to go while I was still outside visiting-I guess that they were hungry.
  • We hurried home, and Robby, who came home from church early, had pizza ready for us. We ate, and then Robby went to work outside while I waited on hold. Say a little prayer that we can get this fixed early tomorrow morning!

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