August 26, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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When we went to bed last night, there was a little bit of talk about some people getting up early if they wanted to and go over to Magic. Now, getting up early meant around 9 or 10. However, at 10:30 this whole place was still sleeping-no one was stirring not even Bentley.

Once we did start moving, it didn't take us long to get up and make a few breakfasts and head to Magic. The big boys and I all had bagels (I already started my grocery list since I wasn't expecting Anderson to eat a bagel. I didn't know he ate bagels.) Whitman and Reagan had cereal, and Keaton had goldfish. I am actually not sure what Campbell ate, but I do know that Robby had a sausage biscuit. And yes, all of our breakfast eating happened when others were eating their lunches.

We walked to the boat and had to wait a good little bit. We were in a hurry because we needed to scan in to Magic Kingdom by 1 so Robby could snag us Tron tickets for later tonight. We had just about made it when I got stopped by security. Campbell had packed her glasses case, and that some how alerted security. They said that hard glasses cases do that so the next time I was to walk through holding the case way out in front of me-Robby tried that tonight, and it didn't work. We will try again tomorrow, but she may not be bringing her glasses case. (She brought it because she was worried about what she would do with her glasses on a real ride-like Tron.)

Everyone was waiting on me, but I did scan through the gate before 1 so we were able to get a Tron ride for later tonight. It was hot here today, but not nearly as hot as it was at home today. Our first stop today was at Pirates and then dole whip, chocolate ice cream, and orange whip for us all.

After we did that we moved on to Big Thunder before deciding to head back to the camper. This afternoon, Reagan and Anderson both had a little bit of school work to do. (And yes, his math is still not fixed, but he is at least able to do it.) There was more pin trading, cart looping, some scavenger hunting, and dog walking as well this afternoon.

Since we had eaten breakfast so late, some people had lunches, some had suppers (air fryer pizza), and some people are no having midnight snacks (or even midnight mac and cheese or orange chicken.) You name it, we have eaten it here today. 

About an hour and a half before all of us went to Magic Kingdom, Keaton and Campbell went by themselves. They rode the bus-on the way home Graham and Campbell went home via the bus, and they beat us by a long while. Plus the bus is the first bus so there isn't that far to walk, and the bus is air conditioned. 

Keaton forgot her magic band, but they figured out that she was able to scan in using Campbell's phone. They rode the Speedway, found a snack (cookie and powerade slush) and rode Buzz twice before meeting us at Tron. 

After riding Tron, Campbell, Keaton, and Anderson rode the Speedway again. Then we all rode Buzz where I had the high score of the family. And just as the fire works were about to go off we rode a People Mover before fighting the crowds to get out of the park. We rode the bus back all together, and then some of us went to the camper while others of us had a snack (cornbread-Robby and those of us who shared it, and strawberry coffee for Reagan.)

Currently, Reagan and Keaton are sitting outside. Reagan is eating mac and cheese, and Keaton is drinking her coke. Anderson and Graham are playing the xbox while Campbell is on her phone, and Whitman on his ipad. It is almost 11, and I am headed to bed after I take Bentley on one last loop around the block. I want her to sleep well again tonight!

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