August 3, 2023

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  • We finished the first week of school this week, and thankfully everyone has finished all of their things and there is nothing that I know of school wise that we have to do tomorrow-at least I hope not!
  • Whitman was finished around noon today, but I made him keep working and do spelling with me. We are about half way through this spelling book, and I wanted to finish before Christmas, but honestly, that is probably not going to happen.
  • I worked on some recipes this afternoon. It was one of the "extra" things I do-I have made cookbooks for each of the kids and was trying to add a few more recipes. I started them years ago, but now I am not really sure when I give them to the kids.
  • Graham went for a run right at noon today. This is the third or fourth day that he has been running outside. He didn't wait until it was cooler, but I guess that he wasn't out there too long running. He must have had some extra energy to burn off since he found out there is a possibility that he is getting a job at Reagan's workplace.
  • I think that today was the first day in a while that Keaton didn't bake anything during the afternoon. Robby had bought some grapes last night, and those babies are pretty much completely gone. I am not sure why sometimes when we have fruit, it sits here, and other times it is gone in less than 24 hours.
  • This evening the big 3 went to Raymar with the church group. They all seemed to have fun-or at least they were pretty sweaty when they all came home. Sweaty and hungry-they were all pretty hungry too.
  • Robby and I went to the Wilson's house for a little this evening. We ate some chips and salsa and watched some tv while visiting for a good while. We came home about the same time that the big kids made it home.
  • They all made their suppers while Whitman, Keaton, Robby, and I watched a little bit of tv before bed. Since there is no school tomorrow, maybe we will stay up a little bit later tonight.

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