August 20, 2023

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  • We survived another Sunday-really, Sunday's aren't too stressful since the morning if filled with church, we eat lunch at someone's house, then I get a nap, the kids go back to church, and then half the nights we don't have to cook supper-but for some reason, Sundays a bit stressful to me at least...maybe because it is the last day of the weekend and that makes me super sad.
  • Anyway, this morning we left on time in two different cars. We were on time, but not really yet the time that I want to leave. I had already set up my Sunday school things so my room was ready, but if I hadn't then I would have been rushed this morning. But all was good.
  • We did Sunday school and church. Then Robby and I both had meetings to go to.We went to the Wednesday night worker meeting for us while I went with Reagan to the senior parents meeting. Campbell stayed to chat with a friend, and even though I knew she was there-I still walked to the car without texting her that we were done. We were pretty close to leaving her!
  • We then met up with everyone at Nonna and Pops' house. They had hamburgers and all of the trimmings. Everything tasted really good to me but maybe because we were eating much later than usual for a Sunday lunch.
  • After lunch, we headed home for a little bit. Robby and I had our naps on the couch, but soon the kids all started leaving. Tonight was the first night that Keaton was able to go to Rock Creek for their Sunday night thing. I do believe that she had a blast. 
  • We made a whole batch of poppy seed chicken for supper-actually we made 2 batches of it for supper. It was a little bit dry, but we will doctor the leftovers up tomorrow for a whole new meal. The Wilsons came over to eat with us along with Alyssa so we had someone to visit with and so did the girls. 
  • After everyone left the house, we picked up the kitchen and started herding people to bed. That is more difficult than it sounds-the boys have a friend playing xbox with them and Robby and Reagan are wrapping products that they have sold online.

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