August 12, 2023

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  • On Friday nights the kids can stay up as late as they want. I do sometimes ask the big boys to make sure that Whitman does go to sleep at a reasonable time, but their definition of reasonable is probably different than mine.
  • Graham slept in the bonus room, so I would figure that he did sleep fairly well last night. Campbell, however, text me at 3 this morning asking if we had soy sauce. I saw her text when I woke up and asked if she needed it last night for some reason. Today when Robby and I were at the store, I did buy her some which she promptly used in a ramen recipe that she made.
  • Robby and I only saw Graham this morning when we left the house-first stop was a hair cut for me. Then we had lunch at King Burrito new place. It was good-but Robby and I both thought that their chips tasted a little bit like cleaner. 
  • Then it was on to Sams, Walmart, Bath and Body Works, and finally we had to split up. Robby dropped me off at Costco while he ran into Kroger. By that time we had too many cold things in the car plus we were both buying more cold/frozen items so we couldn't dally.
  • At home we unloaded all of our groceries, and then had a few minutes of downtime before we all loaded up to go to Nonna and Pops' house.
  • We met Jason over there and celebrated Nonna's birthday a day early-we had flowers, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and Jason had presents. I think that it was a fairly decent birthday celebration. We visited there for a while before heading home. 
  • Soon Campbell's friends started arriving. I lost count at 10 but I think there might have been 11 kiddos here. They mostly stayed outside playing killball, capture the flag and volleyball. The Wilsons, Brett and Carson came over as well so we had a house full. Robby picked up pizza, and I had made brownies, but we never really told the kids about the brownies so we just ate them.
  • Some folks are still finishing their showers, and possibly there is a meteor shower tonight to see, but hopefully bedtime is still coming up soon.

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