August 14, 2023

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  • Today most of the kids' friends started to school. This changes things a little bit-we had been letting the kids stay up later to chat/play video games with their friends each night. However, all those people were quiet much earlier last night since they all have to wake up at the crack of dawn.
  • Campbell was walked around here all day not knowing what to do with herself since the last few weeks she has constantly been on a facetime call chatting with her people. Today, no one was around until late afternoon.
  • Our school day went well. Reagan still hasn't started her school. One of her classes start on Thursday, but today she spent her morning helping paint Alyssa's parking space, eating lunch out, and then going to Raymar while Anderson and Alyssa worked.
  • We took Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman to Defy for a little bit today. We thought that it would be less crowded but it really wasn't. The homeschoolers were turning out in force on the first day of school or there are a few more schools around here that haven't started just yet.
  • By the time we made it home from Defy and our library stop, Anderson had gone to meet Alyssa and Reagan at Raymar. He had to work to get things ready for football tryouts tomorrow. They came home while Robby, the girls, and I were watching a video about our Halloween party at Disney in a few weeks.
  • Supper tonight was on your own-though I did end up making all of the boys' suppers so I guess it really wasn't that own you own. When supper was finished, Keaton had a shower while Anderson hopefully started on one of his school things. 
  • I think that plan is to soon watch some Rookie and possibly have a snack!

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