August 21, 2023

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  • This school morning went fairly smoothly. My kids all know that we are leaving on Thursday so this means that my people that leave things for Friday will need to get them finished before then. However, those Friday workers still seem to be in no hurry to get things accomplished today which kind of makes me absolutely crazy.
  • Probably what is actually making me crazy is me trying to keep my mouth shut about it and let them figure out things by themselves. However, I am probably not the best at this, but even with my not so subtle reminders, there will still be school left to do on Friday. This will be fine though because we will be driving, and there will be plenty of school time.
  • Whitman was in a pretty sour mood all morning long. I would have to assume that he was just tired. He did his work, but there was just a lot of groaning and moaning during it. His sour attitude continued until we left Defy this afternoon.
  • Around 2, Campbell, Keaton, Robby, Whitman, and I went to Defy. I do think that the kids were the only ones jumping. Robby was on few calls so he stayed outside, and while he was outside I put my feet up and had myself a nap! I was still able to finish my book though while they were jumping. 
  • On the way home from Defy, we grabbed a few drinks from the gas station. Then the convenience store at the corner was having a grand opening so we stepped in there. They were giving out pieces of pizza so we all had a drink and pizza on the way home.
  • Anderson had to go to Raymar for about an hour today to get things ready for next week. When he came in, we pulled out all of the leftovers and urged the kids to eat those. We had a few takers, but for the most part we didn't make a dent in all of our leftovers.
  • After the supper was cleaned up, Robby drove the camper to get gas. I drove the minivan to get gas. Anderson drove the suburban to get gas. Then all 3 of us went into Costco and we spent a lot less there than we did at the gas station. The other day we saw chocolate croissants at Costco. We didn't get them since it was still too early to buy a bread-y thing for our trip, but of course today, they weren't anywhere to be found.
  • Back at home tonight, there is already talk of what people are going to eat for their snacks-I really should pull out the leftovers again!

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