October 1, 2023

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  • Reagan rolled in at 1:30 this morning. She had driven to a friend's house so she had to drive home from there so that is why I also stayed awake. When she made it home, we stood in the kitchen and whispered about her evening.
  • I went to sleep late waiting on Reagan, and then Bentley didn't sleep great either so it was a struggle to wake up this morning. The 24 first graders did help wake me up though. After we finished teaching Sunday school, we went to church. Most everyone was upstairs today except for Robby, Whitman, and I. Actually, I am not sure where the big boys were. 
  • The soccer girls, Whitman who was sitting with us, and Keaton who was going to the game left church early so we could get to Nonna's house and have time to eat. Pops had grilled hamburgers which were delicious. After we ate, we celebrated Jason's birthday with cake and presents. 
  • We actually didn't see Jason open his presents because we left with the girls for soccer in White Hall. Keaton also came along to watch. This game wasn't a good as last nights game-the girls just seemed to be a little bit off. Maybe they were exhausted! They only lost by 1 point and were so close to scoring at the last little bit. Campbell and Reagan both played super well.
  • We hurried home so Reagan could shower and then get to Rock Creek for the U where the big boys were. Campbell also had to hurry and change because she was headed to a friend's house.
  • After most everyone made it in tonight, they all grabbed their supper. The big boys had chicken sandwiches. Whitman had eaten while I was gone so I don't know what he ate. Keaton had leftover orange chicken which she seems to eat every single day. Reagan had chips and cheese dip along with some pasta.
  • While Anderson's meal was cooking, I helped him do some math. He has about 40 problems to do tomorrow, but hopefully they will be easier than the ones. I then had to leave to pick up Campbell.
  • She had been at a friend's house with a group of other people. They had dessert, and spent a lot of time outside playing kill ball. This game involves people sitting in a group in the middle of a circle  with the people on the outside slamming the ball towards the people in the middle. My first question was "what about your glasses?" Thankfully, a mom there encouraged her to take them off!
  • When we made it home, I made Campbell and me egg in the hole for our supper. Then I worked with Reagan on her essay. It is complicated, and she is a bit stressed! I actually thought that she was going to work on is some more tonight, but instead she is applying for colleges. There are a lot more questions on a college application than we realized. I've had to wake Robby up to ask him something, and had to text Pops for him to answer a question too. Maybe her essay would have been easier tonight. 

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