April 10, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Reagan made sure that we knew this morning that Campbell was ready to get up-she said it at least 15 times before I could get upstairs.  Robby was already in the shower and the boys were already in our bed so it was time to get up but I was not yet ready for so much shouting that early in the morning.
  • The boys went to school and I took the girls to Nonna and Pops house.  I didn't think I would be able to work much today due to standardized tests at my school but I was able to see a few kids before heading to pick up the boys.  I think the boys had a good day-there was a lizard at school and Graham did not want to touch the lizard.  Surprising, since a lizard ran across his fingers at home a few days ago.
  • The girls had a big day with Nonna and Pops-they played, made cookies, played Mother May I?, ate lots of cookies, colored and did a bit of Reagan's school work.  After I had picked up the boys and was heading Nonna's house when the delivery man called-another day and another huge delivery.  Today a sectional arrived....hmm, where are we going to put that since we still have quite a few weeks before our little addition is ready.  Right now it is in the middle of the new garage-thankfully it is wrapped up well.  I guess it was eventually overtake my school room-I better hurry up and get school finished for this year.
  • Campbell went with me to run home and sign for the couch.  She was quite pleased to sit in Graham's car seat, hang out in the van while waiting, eat a cookie from Robby and be the first to sit on the ottoman from the new couch.  
  • When I arrived back at Nonna's house, I heard that someone was in trouble.  It was Graham and he had been banished to the toy room until he could come out and apologize to Pops.  Apparently he was ugly to Pops.  When he saw me come into the room, he started screaming "they're lying, they're lying."  Later Reagan coaxed him out of the toy room by telling him that if he apologized then Nonna and Pops would too.  This lying stuff is catching on pretty quick with our bunch and thanks to us watching the Petrino news conference we had a long conversation about telling the truth and fessing up when you make a mistake.    
  • Back to this afternoon, we made it home and started school after putting Campbell down for a nap.  School was fine and we worked on our next state from our road trip-Oklahoma.  And tonight at supper, we had some food that represents last weeks state-Arkansas.  What did we have you ask? tomatoes? strawberries?  No, we had milk the official state beverage and a little snack made from the state grain-Rice Krispy Treats
  • After school, the kids managed to devour a bit of Easter candy.  And I snuck outside to do a bit of sweeping in the garage.  It had gotten pretty messy in there and Campbell was my sidekick working diligently beside me.  Robby came home and soon Campbell went back inside.  I didn't give it much thought but soon remembered that the others were probably nearing the bottom of their Easter candy and I better check on them.  
  • So I walked in the house and saw Campbell standing on a chair at the kitchen sink.  She does this often to wash her hands but this time it was different.  She had her shirt off and was using the kitchen sink sprayer.  When she saw me she smiled and said "me shower!"  I did the obvious and took her picture and then went to get her daddy.    We figured she really wanted a bath and put her in the tub.  Before too long, Campbell was standing naked at the door telling us that she had gotten out of the bathtub.  Later she told me that she had washed her hair by herself. My, my, she is one very independent 2 year old.
  • We had supper and then Robby and Graham had a talk about his behavior at Nonna and Pops' house.  Robby told him that he needed to draw Pops a picture and then they would write an apology on it.  When Graham was finished with his picture, he told Robby that he wanted to write "I accept your apology on it"-hmm, I just don't think he got it!
  • At bedtime, they were all going strong and Graham never settled down until his bottom met the back of the spoon.  Poor little guy, it is tough being a 3 year old.  This afternoon I had to get on to him and made him leave the school room.  Later I couldn't find him and briefly wondered if he might have run away (who knows why I would have thought of that) and started calling for him.  I found him sound asleep with his head hanging off the chair.

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